Friday, July 27, 2012

Maddie's horse dress

Every year when I go home, I take some birthday presents for my best friends kiddos.
Last year, Maddie requested a 'horsey' dress. Kids change their interests so quickly, but I was pleased to find out that she still liked horses this year! 

I don't know what it is about horses, but it seems like all little girls go thru a phase of loving them. I missed my opportunities to make my girls horse dresses when they were in that phase, so it was so fun to make one for little Maddie!

I used Crafterhours Razorback dress pattern for it. Mom cut out and made a TON of these while I was at home and she convinced me that I would love it... I did. It's so easy and cute and I love that it's made from knit~ my favorite. The fabric is SO CUTE, right?! It's from my Mom's stash. She bought it at JoAnn's and I want it every time I go home.

The applique on the front is from Designs by Juju's Cute Animal Faces set 1. I love these sets!

I was excited to finally use my horse snap clip design, too, from Digistiches. Don't they go perfectly together?! Maddie didn't really care for the bows, but I thought they were awesome.

She liked the dress, though, and it fit! So I was very pleased. I think it will be cute with leggings and a shirt underneath for warmer weather, too.

Sophie got into the modeling with us, too. Isn't she darling?!
She's wearing one of my sister's everyday princess dresses.

She was giving Lucy tips when I asked her to show me the back.
Me: "Not like that... it looks like you're sitting in the corner."
Sophie: "Like this, Woo-cey'
Lucy: "oh."

I miss my niece.