Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I know. I know. I know.

I know it's been almost a month with no blogging.
I know you miss me.
I know you want to see what I'm doing... but man! I've been so swamped.

So... the kids are back in school and I'm going to try (really hard) to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

After all, I really do love it.
But every time I take a break from it, it's so hard to get back on the bandwagon.
I guess it's like anything in life, you have to continue doing it to make it a habit.

So.... what's been going on the past few months?

Lots of summer fun:

Fishing (well, for the boys, at least):

Family came to visit:


Back to school:



and I released two new patterns:
I put them on sale 50% off yesterday... and I think I'll keep that promotion going for a couple days.
Use code LABORDAY for 1/2 off everything~ even the bundles!

I have folders and folders of more stuff I've made to show you.
I never have time to post everything I've made, but I'll search thru and find the best ones to show you.

Thank you so much for hanging in there and waiting for me to get back.
I've missed you guys.


Pam Neeley said...

Glad to have you back! Love all your posts.

BConky said...

It'a about time yeah

Janie Fuller said...

Sew glad you are back!! Have been logging on everyday hoping to see a new post and today if finally happened! Welcome back!

Megan @ Made for Mermaids said...

FINALLY!!! Glad you're blogging again...I missed it...that picture of Jacob is the cutest ever!