Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I love grades shirts!

What do you guys think of the colored jeans craze?
I'm not too into it for adults, but I think they're darling on little girls.

When I saw these bright, colored jeans at Wal-Mart... I just had to have them and I thought this applique from Hang to Dry was just perfect to go with them.

I made them exactly the same, using knits for the fabric in the applique, because I was afraid of how they'd wash. Today's the first day they've worn them, so I'll let you know how they wash up with that vintage stitch instead of a satin stitch.

Ella was being grumpy this morning because she didn't like the way I did her hair... it took several photos to find one where she wasn't looking peeved.

Lucy wasn't grumpy, but she's always tired in the mornings~ which seems to be the only time we can do photo shoots now.
I do love how the sun peeks through, though. I didn't even photoshop these a bit.

I'm not sure Lucy really loves kindergarten, but I'm positive that Ella loves 1st grade... although, it doesn't seem to be as exciting as kindergarten was...

I wish I would've gotten a better picture of the bows. I think they turned out really cute.

Especially Ella's, which I didn't snap a picture of.
I remembered to get one of Lucy's though.

I used GGDesigns apple felt stitchie, took off the seeds and added a little heart to it.

These shirts and bows stitched up quick and I LOVE the way they turned out.
I hope they stay that great looking.

I'm pretty sure Lucy's will be covered in PB&J and Ella has art class today... so who knows... ha!


BConky said...

They both turned out so cute.

Janay said...

They turned out so cute!!!
Hope everyone is having a good first week. :)

Megan @ Made for Mermaids said...

adorable. Ella's funny.