Monday, September 10, 2012

Merida play clothes

Have you seen Brave yet?
We saw it opening week this summer and my kids LOVED it!

I was so excited that I had tested this adorable Princess Cutie, Merida applique for Lynnie Pinnie and made it into these play clothes.

Lyndsie's Princess Cuties are just about the cutest appliques out there for little girls. I love them so much!

This is one of my first Too Cute Bias Tank Tops that I made when I was originally going to make the straps out of knit. (I still really like them that way, but did NOT add it into the pattern.)

I made Ella some knit Too Cute Ruched shorts to go with her top for a super comfy, great for playing, outfit.

I used white grossgrain ribbon and love it because it holds the bows better and washes great.

I just think that ruching is so cute!!!

This outfit was supposed to be for Lucy, but it ended up being too big and passed to Ella.
So, my Mom said I had to make something for Lucy to wear to the movies, too, and started appliqueing a large Merida on some fabric to make a dress for Lulu.

I barely finished it in time... literally, I was finishing it up the morning before we went to the movies and didn't even have time to eat breakfast.

But, I'm so glad that Mom talked me into making it for her. It turned out SO cute and she wears it all the time. You can see the WSS still covering the design on her hair.... ooopsie.

I used the Razorback Dress by crafterhours for the dress. (It is so simple to make!)
The fabric and ribbing is from Mom's stash.

I just added a little ruffle to the bottom to make it look more girly and less like a nightgown.

I love the back of the dress, with the little gathers and razorback.

I felt a little guilty for not making something for William, but he said he didn't care.
They were just all TOO excited about going to movies (something we rarely do.)


Amanda S. said...

Fun outfits!

BConky said...

The kids are adorable as always