Thursday, September 6, 2012

Monica Hailes~ you made my day!

I don't know who Monica Hailes is; we've never met, but she's made my day today.

This is her review of my 'Too Cute Ruched Shorts pattern'...


Hailes, Monica - September 1st, 2012
Brilliant pattern. Highly detailed, loads of (pictures) can't go wrong! One of my favourite patterns :)

It's so nice to hear things like this about your work. 
My testers told me the same thing, but I always wonder if they're just being nice. 
When someone you don't know from Adam makes such a review, it really feels good. 
If you haven't taken the time to write reviews~ you should! It is really helpful to other seamstresses looking for patterns and also offers feedback to the designers. 

My new shorts pattern and bias tank top pattern were both in the YCMT newsletter this week. Did you see them? 
I'm so sorry that I haven't shown them to you guys yet. I am really proud of how they turned out, and I must say, they make really cute outfits!!!

Here's one I made for my sweet niece Sophie. Her other firefighter outfit got ruined, so she needed a new one asap!
See how cute the ruching is on the sides of the shorts! I just love that.

(sorry... you know I can't choose just one photo when she's so cute)

The binding for the straps was made from the same fabric as the shorts and makes for a super cute outfit, but you can also use store bought bias if you don't like making your own.
Although, I can't understand how you couldn't love making it... it's so fun!

 The applique I used is from Designs by Juju. I love that little happy face fire engine.

But not as much as Sophie does!
When it was done appliqueing, she quickly wanted it out of the hoop.

"I want to wear it!"

I also made her some little bows with some of the scrap bias and buttons.

I mean, seriously, could you say no to this face?

Neither can I. 
She is so sweet. 

The cool thing about these patterns is 
1. How quickly they go together. 
2. How little fabric they take. They can both be made from a 1/2 yard of fabric!!!
3. They go great together
 and 4. The top is great for embellishing!

So, if you haven't tried my Too Cute Ruched shorts or Too Cute Bias Tank Top... what are you waiting for?
Listen to Monica Hailes and try them!
They're even on sale 50% off (in my etsy shop) with code LABORDAY until Saturday.


Megan @ Made for Mermaids said...

LOVE those patterns! Sophie loves that outfit (me too) she always wants to wear it!

Colleen said...

Sophie is so cute! what font design did you use?

BConky said...

Who can say no to