Friday, September 7, 2012

Storybook Day~ Anne of Green Gables and Dorothy

Today was Storybook Day at school and man were my girls excited!

 William was sad. Poor baby. He's so disillusioned with the 3rd grade.
In the third grade you move to another building and he had very high hopes of it being 'awesome' only to realize that, "it wasn't as cool as he thought it would be."
They didn't have Storybook day at the Intermediate Center.

The great thing about having Storybook day today, though, is that I got one Halloween costume crossed off my list and ... since I usually wait until the last minute to do them, I'm really pleased that I have one down at the beginning of September.

Ella had already decided that she wanted to be Anne of Green Gables after reading the novel this summer and watching the movies with me. She just fell in love with Anne, like most girls do, when we read the book. The deal was sealed after watching Anne and Gilbert on screen.

 We used Simplicity pattern 2843 for her costume and I couldn't believe how well it fit right from the envelope. This is a 7 (the smallest size available) and the only changes I made was to cut 2 inches off the hem.

 We disagreed on the view we should use. I wanted View C_which is shorter with ruffles and no drape in the front, but she just LOVED the bow on the back of View B. So she's dressed like an older Anne, but with the hair and slate of a younger Anne.
Ella LOVES the slate scene!
She can frequently be found whispering 'carrots' to all the red head toys in her room.

 She's such a little drama queen.
She even had to get William in on the action.

But I don't think he minded...

I finished this costume up (last minute) and wasn't going to do the petticoat underneath, but changed my mind around 11:00 and decided to go ahead and make it.

And, I'm glad I did, the dress really needs the extra fullness of the petticoat, especially this fabric I used which is a 50/50 blend suiting fabric that is pretty see through. Ella really wanted the dress to be purple... because her Anne of Green Gables illustrated book shows Anne in a purple dress in the slate scene.

I didn't make anything for Lucy, because she had this ADORABLE Dorothy dress in her closet. My Mom made it for my niece Emma a few years ago and I have been waiting for it to be passed down. Emma wore it all the time and it's just so perfectly made. I love it so much.

We did run out and get her a new pair of ruby slippers last night... because Dorothy needs her red shoes.

So, there you have it. 
Anne of Green Gables and Dorothy for Storybook day.



Mrs.Fitz said...

Oh Cole, you do such good work! I just can't believe you put that together so quickly. I have to start now on X's costume and will still be sewing the night before Halloween. Ella is just a doll, so cute cracking her slate on William's head! So glad you found ruby slippers last minute, that can't be easy.

Janay said...

You are AMAZING. The Anne dress is perfect!!
Annaliese and I are reading the first book now, and I CANNOT wait to watch the movies with her. Oh how I LOVE those!!

BConky said...

It looks great Nicole. Lucy is adorable. I can't believe she can wear that dress. I think I made that for Emma when she was two years old. She did wear it for a couple of years.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! Adorable! I loved Anne of Green Gables so much that I named my daughter Avonlea. :) I am really looking forward to introducing her to the books, but it will be a few years yet. Avonlea is only 11 months now. ;)

Lauran Brady Photography said...

Do you sew for hire? I would love to ask what you would charge to see Anne of green gables dresses for my girls! Would you mind emailing me at