Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter coats!

This is what I was working on last night and all day yesterday.


The temps have dropped and the girls have grown out of all the jackets and coats! There was no more putting it off. It jumped ahead of finishing my witch dolls, Halloween costumes, customer orders, cleaning, showering... everything.
They had to have coats for school.

Here they are waiting for the bus this morning.
Aren't they sweet?

I chose Simplicity 2745 for Ella after reading some reviews on Pattern Review. I really like the girly silhouette and I found these big daisy buttons at Wal-Mart that I thought would be so cute!
Ella is super into peace signs and flowers and rainbows... I guess all girls go thru that. I remember being in that phase.

It's a little bit big on her, but it's kinda what I'm going for. I'm hoping that she can wear it the whole season and maybe next year. I made a size 7 straight from the envelope.

I just used some polar fleece and minky on the collar. It went together super fast. I just wish it was lined... and had pockets.

I'm not experienced enough in making coats to feel comfortable changing things around like that yet.
I made Ella a coat last year (that I'm pretty sure I never even posted) that didn't have a lining and I tried to add one.... it ended up looking awful to me (even though Ella LOVED it and wore it all season).
Here it is from November last year.
See how the lining is poking out of the bottom... grrrrr... and on the cuffs...it drove me crazy every time she wore it... which was every day. ha!

I really like making their coats, because I can add special details that they love that we couldn't find in the store, like the soft minky collar.

The only thing I really dislike about this pattern is the narrow hem. It has just a 3/8 inch hem which seems weird and I would have added more to it if I would have read the directions first...

Overall, it's a win, though. Ella loves it and everyone that has seen the pictures has preferred Ella's to Lucy's. Poor Lucy. :(

I'll have to make Ella another one because although I love the way it looks, it lacks practical details like a lining, a hood, and pockets.

Lucy's has all that! Which made it more of a pain to make. It took me nearly the entire day, but I'm so pleased with it.

I originally wanted to put red as the accent with her black and white polka dots, but decided they would be cute if they coordinated. Plus, their school colors are black and gold!

I used a new McCall's pattern 6641 for her jacket. I loved that the lining was included in the pattern, since I've had trouble with that in the past. I really preferred view B, but went with view A, because I didn't want to seam the polka dots. I think I'll make view B this season also, though, maybe in pink or red! It really is a great and simple pattern.

I got her polka dot fleece for a steal at Hancock Fabrics when they had the Fleece Blow Out. I lined it with some flannel backed satin, lined the hood and pockets with minky and added some of Ella's gold fleece on the cuffs and hat band. I don't know what I was thinking with those darling gold cuffs. Lucy is so dirty. I'm sure they will be covered in mud or chocolate milk or ketchup in a few days.

I didn't have any buttons on hand that matched Lucy's coat, so I used the little flowers that came on Ella's button card. Which was good, because they matched perfectly, were the right size, and I spent almost $10 on the buttons... but bad, because they don't really pop and they're hard to button with those little flower petals. I may end up changing them out.

We'll see, Lucy really likes them.
She really likes the hood and pockets being lined in minky, too. What a good idea for her.
That child LOVES minky fabric.

So, there you have it!
Two happy coats for two happy girls.

Now to get to William's..... and those Halloween costumes... and witch dolls.


Shannon H said...

I absolutely LOVE both coats!!! You are supermom :) Now, I see Halloween fabrics underneath the coats? Going to share those too :) I wrote the patterns down. I have never sewn a jacket/coat but really want to try.

Mama Deborah said...

Very nice coats!

Florencia said...

Great coats! I don't think I could pick one over the other, both are beautiful!
I made a couple of coats last year and they didn't have a lining, so I guess I'll have to pick a different pattern to learn how to line a coat. But what I did is to add big snaps instead of buttons and just added a nice button to decorate and cover the snap.

Mrs.Fitz said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Happy Together said...

Those are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Both the coats are adorable! I'm just about to start making one for my daughter today from the McCall pattern.

Megan @ Made for Mermaids said...


Lee said...

I love the coordination! Love the buttons! Love the minky! They look great!

BConky said...

They are both adorable. I can just see Lucy rubbing her hands inside the pockets.

Lindsay said...

Hi- I found your blog recently. You do beautiful work- and you're so creative!! I love your fabric combos and all your amazing creations! You've inspired me to try more sewing for my kiddos- it's been fun (although it's costing me sleep ;)) Also your children are beautiful- and so appreciative! I'm glad you're blogging again- but certainly know how insanely busy life is with young kids! I can't wait to see where you go from here!

Janay said...

You are amazing. And you make me sick. That is all.

Kate said...

Gorgeous coats and models!