Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ella's Christmas Winter Twirl Dress and another winter coat

 ...and she just couldn't wait until December to wear it.

I let her wear it to church this Sunday, but was hoping she'd hold off wearing it to school until next month. No such luck...
She had to wear it this morning.

I made it last month as a test for Ellie Inspired's Winter Twirl pattern and just fell in love with it.
I used a beautiful knit velveteen that my Mom bought me a while back and some striped minky for the trim. The top is finished with some fold over elastic in my stash that, happily, matched perfectly and then we just tied the satin ribbon around the waist.

I wanted to embroider a snowflake on the bodice, but Ella wasn't having it.
I also think a monogram would be really beautiful on it... but you know how I feel about monograms.

I wan't really thrilled about the quality of the photos. Mostly because I could NOT get this girl to stop moving. The dress is a full circle skirt and with that length and in this heavier weight knit, it really is super bouncy and twirly. I kinda want one...

So, I was going to snap some new pictures of her this morning, when I realized that I hadn't even blogged the coat she's wearing. So... I just took some pictures of her coat.
It was freezing today.

I made it last year and wasn't happy with the photos I took. I meant to take more and never did and then it just got lost in the never ending list of things I sew and never blog about.
Here she is last year when I made this in late August. Holy Moley! She's changed. :(

The inside is fully lined, but I hated the way the lining looked with this busy dress in the photo.

I do love this coat, even though it's getting a little snug on Ella.
It's made from Simplicity pattern 2534, which is a Project Runway pattern. I love the princess seams and the full lining and the pockets. I cut one out exactly the same for Lucy, but never put it together. The pink fabric is wool and I think I was allergic to it, or something, because when I was making it, my nose was running and my eyes, hands, and nose were so itchy. After that, I didn't want to work with it again... although I may just put it together for Lucy anyhow.

My Mom bought me the wool and the lining and some minky for the collar, but I ended up buying some velvet for the collar and covered buttons.

I accidentally ripped the second button off the coat this morning... dang it.
Can you tell?

I guess I'll have to look for that velvet to make a replacement button for it.
Because she does look quite stunning in it.
It sort of kills me to think of her running around the playground at school in it.

Another reason I'm hesitant to make Lucy's... see her running thru the rain soaked yard in the background? Guess someone didn't learn their lesson from yesterday. sigh....

And just for fun, want to see their new earmuffs? I got them at Target yesterday and just love them.
Earmuffs are a must when it's cold, but you don't want to mess up your hair.

Ella's: elegant and fancy and pretentious

Lucy's: silly, whimsical, and fun

They just fit them so well.
I love these kids.

They're growing so fast.
I wish I could slow time for a few years.


Kate said...

The dress and coat are gorgeous! Your lucky kids to have such a talented mom.

Florencia said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Love the dress and coat!

ShirleyC said...

Adorable! I love the red dress. It doesn't need a thing!

Colleen said...

Your kids look great! Love the coat and dress. I almost made sarah twirl dress in red ( would you mind if I did?.)right now hers will be green whenever I get back to it.

BConky said...

And one day your baby will be 31. Wow

Teresita said...

Aplausos! Aplausos! felicitaciones por tus diseños!