Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was so easy this year.

William announced early on that he wanted to be Captain America with muscles... so,
when we saw one at Wal-Mart for $20, I suggested that we just buy one this year.
I was shocked when he said, "Oh good. I've been dying to buy one for years."
Really, kid?

Using this photo for inspiration, he told me the night before school that he needed a utility belt.
We picked one up at the Army Navy Surplus Store in town. He LOVES it! Seriously, I've never seen him so excited about something in my life. The owner told us it was from the 1940's and was exactly what Captain America would have worn. It was extremely rare and in good condition and was actually used in WWII. I wouldn't think any of that would matter to a little boy, but it sure did.

Isn't he adorable?! Of course, I couldn't send him out on Halloween night without something handmade from Mom, so I got him some Captain America fabric and made him a special trick or treat bag.

 Ella decided to be Anne of Green Gables this year, because we read the book this summer and she loved it. (eeee! that makes me so proud) But I made her dress for Storybook day several weeks ago, so it was done!

Halloween morning, she was about to die about wearing her costume again... "because she ALREADY wore it to school!", heaven forbid... so she wore her Ariel wedding dress Halloween day to school.
It finally fits perfectly, even though I made it two years ago!

I made that veil in record time Halloween morning before they got on the bus!

But, of course, she wore her Anne of Green Gables for Halloween night.

Complete with red hair! She insisted on that.

Lucy also had to sport the red hair, as she decided to be Merida from Brave for Halloween.

The trends stay the same here: William chooses his costume based on the weapon. In this case, the Captain America shield that he got for his birthday. Ella chooses based on the gorgeousness of the dress. And for Lucy, it's all about the hair.

Merida does have pretty cool hair, although she didn't want the wig, which is a shame, because it really is awesome. Check out my sweet niece Hailey, who sported the wig, and the dress made from my Mom this year. Mom also made Alyssa's costume... isn't it the coolest! She's Bloom from the show Winx Club and Sophie of course, looking adorable in a costume made by my little sister. It's marrying Ariel, too. Then, my sweet niece Emma, who loves Spiderman... despite her Mom's desires for her to be girly.

I used Ellie Inspired's new pattern Winter Twirl for Lucy's Merida costume.

I wish I would have dropped the waistline, so the belt would cover the seam... but I didn't think ahead.. oops.

No chance of Lucy wearing the belt higher to cover the seam either.

I made the belt a little fancy by embroidering one of the little bears on there. I thought it was so cute!

Halloween night:

Halloween day:

Not my favorite costumes ever... but I got to make a bunch of other ones for family members and customers and even myself! yea! I'll show you some more tomorrow!


Lee said...

I LOVE that Anne of Green Gables! And the red hair just tops it off!

BConky said...

I love them all. I love the little bear on the belt.