Friday, November 30, 2012

Whoville Day!

I got a note in the girl's folders this Wednesday letting us know that the school is doing Christmas Spirit Days each Friday until Christmas! Awesome!!! Except for the fact that I only had one day to make 2 costumes for Whoville Day... and I was spending Thursday morning with William's class field trip to see the Nutcracker ballet.

This week was possibly the most difficult project I've taken on with so little time, but I got most of it done.

Ella chose to be Little Cindy Lou Who and Lucy chose the Grinch.
Lucy wasn't as happy with the way hers turned out... poor baby.

She was adamant that her face and hair had to be green, and until the point of the makeup and hairspray, she was pretty happy. After that, she kept saying, "I'm so ugly." Broke my heart.
But, really, kid? You picked the Grinch...

This is her mad, Grinch face. ha! She's so funny.

Her costume went together very easy. I made her a catsuit out of some green swimsuit fabric, which worked perfectly, but made my little Grinch a little cold.

The belly part is made from some furry fleece that I've had for years. I made my nephew a stuffed dinosaur from it back in 2002 or something... wow... that makes me feel really old.
I used Simplicity pattern 9318 for that part, but not finishing any of the edges. Then I just stitched a 'three sizes too small' heart on there with red felt and added some velcro at the shoulders.

Ella's was a bit of a disaster, except for her hair-do, which I think turned out pretty awesome!

And with that little Grinch bow... .gasp. So cute.

We watched the Grinch who stole Christmas a million times trying to figure out what costume to make (I'm so literal. I want every detail to be just like the movie) So I wanted Ella to have a cape, but she informed me she hates capes (... sigh... so much for that fortune I spent on red corduroy and Little Red Riding hood fabric...) so we made this Cindy Lou Who inspired coat.

She needed a new coat anyhow, since the last one I made her is lacking all practical elements and the one from last year is getting snug.

For this one, I used McCall's 6641 again, but chose view B this time. I love how it looks and it went together pretty easy except for this crazy shedding fabric from Hobby Lobby. I wish it looked a little classier and less whimsical, but she loves it.

And aside from the fact that one of the sleeves is sewed in upside down... yes... upside down....
it turned out pretty good for whipping it up in a few hours.

I had to call it quit after the coat, though. It was meant to have some cute new dress or pajamas under it, and I DID start cutting it out, but ran out of steam and had her wear her costume from last year. It's so cute anyways.

So, overall, pretty successful.
Two, pretty happy, kids.

The next spirit day is 'Your favorite Christmas character' day.
Any guesses on what they'll be?


Lee said...

Oh, yes, the hairdo is VERY awesome! They both look as cute as can be!!

BConky said...

Cutie pies.

Anonymous said...

I work at a childcare center and we are having Wooville Hair Day. I would so love to do my hair like your daughters. How did you do it? How did you get it to stand up? water bottle, paper cup??

Please email me..