Wednesday, December 5, 2012

80's aerobic instructor costume

This was a fun costume to make! 

I made it for one of my little sister's customers, because she was just too busy at Halloween to get it done. 

I used Jalie pattern 2317 for the leotard, but added these adorable black bands at the bottom. 

I love the way they look and it was so much easier than hemming.

Plus, they match the black that she wanted in the black monogram.

This is the first time I've made this pattern, but I loved it, especially how the lining seams are completely encased. 

The legwarmers were made by cutting off the heal and toe and using the inside part as the band. Easy peasy. You can find a thousand tutorials online for how to do it. The socks came from Wal-Mart. I thought they had the perfect 80's flair.

To top it off, I just tied a little knot in some knit fabric and then formed a circle for the headband. 
I wish I had a picture of the baby wearing it... this is 12-18 month size, but I never got a picture from her. :(


daniKate designs said...

All the costumes are great!
I really like this one and think the "legging" are a perfect match. And I just added this Jalie to my wishlist:)

BConky said...

It turned out so cute.