Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Miss Derby Jacket

I'm baaaack! It's been a while guys and you've sent me some really sweet messages. It's nice to know I've been missed. :)

I was just so busy this year with the holidays. I was determined to have handmade gifts under the tree for my kids and I did have a few {not as many as I would have liked, but I was happy and so were they.}

Then after the holidays, the Mr., Ella, and I had the flu and it was AWFUL! We were each in bed for over a week and of course, the illness was consecutive, not at the same time, so it just drug on forever.

I celebrated my 34th birthday last week, so I just let the holiday draw out a little longer!

Buuuuut... it's been a week since my birthday, we're all feeling better, the kids are back in school, and the Christmas decorations are put up, so I guess it's time to kick my butt back to work.

I've got three new patterns in the beginning stages and one new one I'm sketching. I've got a ton of new things to show you that I've made this past month and a number of new things I've tested for other pattern designers.

The first is this new pattern by Jocole patterns~ the Little Miss Derby Jacket pattern {available now!}

Jodi put out a call for testers on her facebook page and I was so lucky to get chosen as a tester. I've only tested for Jodi twice now (the first time was her leggings pattern), but I have purchased a ton of her patterns and I'm always so happy with them! This jacket pattern was no different.

I was initially drawn to it because of the mature look of it, balanced with the sweet girly ruffles, and most of all~ that gigantic bow in the back. LOVE!!!

I knew immediately what I wanted it to look like and I had all the fabrics at home already!
I used this charcoal and silver pinstiped suiting fabric, hot pink lightweight twill and a flannel backed black satin for the lining.

I knew I wanted to topstitch the jacket with hot pink! I love the faux princess seaming detail on the jacket. I'm not crazy about the heart buttons, but they were the only ones I could find to match and I do like how they 'young' the jacket up for Ella and her baby doll.

Each of Jodi's patterns come with a matching 18 inch doll pattern as well as the multiple girl sizes she offers. LOVE that!!!

Ella and Lucy both received American Girl dolls from my parents for Christmas this year, so it's going to be the year of the baby doll clothes at our house, so I had to make the matching doll jacket.

I made them out of the same exact fabrics and finished both fully lined jackets in about 6 hours, including cutting out time.

Big Bow on the back... my favorite part!

Ella wanted to make sure I got a shot of their matching shoes.

Can you tell how much she loves these jackets?

I couldn't believe she went for these fabric combinations... she's getting so grown up. :(

You can purchase the Little Miss Derby Jacket here on the Jocole website and make some for your little one. Tell Jodi I sent you!


BConky said...

I love it. I bet Ella loves it with the matching baby outfit. Awesome.

ryliebee said...

Fabulous, as usual! Glad to have you back! Can't wait to see what else you've made lately!

Megan @ Made for Mermaids said...

Adorable!!! Love the bow and she's so cute with her doll!!

Mama Deborah said...


Leslie said...

Those are absolutely adorable!!! I want to make both the doll jacket and girls jacket. Can't wait to see those published.