Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It feels so good to cross stuff off your list!

This was one of those projects that I told myself everyday for a few weeks that I needed to do, so when I completed them last week, it felt SO AWESOME! 

... and really, it took more time picking fabrics and deciding what patterns to use than it did to actually make them...

We were down to three scarves at the house; William's dog one, which is small and he thinks he's too old for (I guess he is :( ...), a black and white striped one of mine that the kids fight over, and a strawberry shortcake one from when the girls were babies (I guess they're too old for Strawberry Shortcake, too) No one ever wanted to wear that one.

So, to alleviate the headache of the scarf fighting every morning before school, I made each of them their own personalized scarf. They each picked their fabrics. Ella picked her style... because she was the only one that cared. As usual...

She chose the scarf from our book Sewing MODKID style. It was simple to cut out and make and I love the way it looks. It's not super warm because it's made from knits, but it's very cute and long. Ella was insistent upon using these fabrics, so it's a bit wonky. I had to piece the hearts like crazy {we only had scraps from these pants} and some of the bits aren't on grain... not a good idea... but the scarf is cute and she's happy and I have NO scraps left! Terrific!

I like how it looks with her winter coat and it will fit for a long time. This sucker is LONG!

Lucy chose the No-Tie Scarf from our Oliver + s Little Things to Sew book. Actually, that's not true.
I picked these two to make. Ella picked the one she wanted and Lucy got the other one... eh.... she doesn't care.

 I did let her pick the lining fabric. She picked owls!

I love this scarf, too. Although, I won't put those scrappy bits of fabric at the end next time. The instructions are a bit fiddly in one part, but in the end I figured it out. If you're having trouble, feel free to email me and I can walk you thru it.

William's was made using my own design. My Mom has one kind of like this with pockets at the end. All boys love pockets... but I should have made it longer and wider. I didn't want to piece the plaid flannel, so I just made it the length of the flannel + folded up the edge of the fleece to make the pocket. It won't last long before he's too tall for it, but he likes it!

This was on pajama day, so he's wearing his G.I.Joe pajamas... what a cutie.

I couldn't believe he chose plaid... he's getting so big. :(

So, there they are. The scarves that were on my to-do list for weeks~ now crossed off! Hooray!

I've got lots of birthday presents to sew and cross off my list today!


BConky said...

All cute. Like Lucy's the best.