Wednesday, January 30, 2013

School Shirt Re-Fashion~ Ella

So after Lucy got paraded around for her spirit shirt, Ella came home begging for me to cut into hers.

It was a little bit more difficult to cut Ella's up, because I actually thought it was really cute.

It was 80's themed with the front like this:

I love the little 'button' that say's I love 1st grade! I used to love buttons!
{okay.... confession... I still have a bunch of them, including a pretty cool Bart Simpson one in my junk jewelry drawer...}

And the back like this:

The pac man totally reminds me of my Dad. He used to love Pac Man.

It was a simple re-fashion, though. I just cut the bodice and sleeves down to make it tighter, added a new funky neckline. Put some stripes on the bodice and then cut a circle skirt out of this adorable heart knit. I love that heart knit sooooo much.

I didn't even hem the bottom. I just serged the edges. All done.

Happy Customer!

So happy, she made me do two of them. I'll show you the other one tomorrow.

Warning: Cole's Corner and Creations is not responsible for any parties who cut up their kids school shirts and get in trouble.

I did get word this week from one of my readers that she got in trouble for doing this to her kids shirt.
Sorry Shawn! hahahahahaha


BConky said...

Pot stirrer. It's cute.