Thursday, January 24, 2013

School Shirt Re-fashion~ Lucy

Every year the kids get school shirts for their grade that they are meant to wear to field trips and such.
Every year... they only wear them on those specific days.

I wanted to change that and get more use out of them. So, this year, I took it upon myself to cut up the school shirts and make school dresses.

I made Lucy's first and man.... she was so afraid that she or I were gonna get 'in trouble' for it.

The first thing she said when she tried it on was, "Oh MOM!!! I love it!... but I do think we're going to get in trouble." ha

Actually, my Mom was pretty worried that I did it, too. But I've never been one for rules... and they didn't say 'you can't cut up your kid's shirt', so I went for it.

I just thought that her shirt was SOOOOO ugly. It started off with that ABCD thing on the front and that winged guitar thing on the back.

It was just so biker chick... not for my sweet, bubbly kindergartner.

I didn't use a pattern for this, I just cut and sewed bits until I had a dress. I did the entire thing on the serger, including the ruffle, the night before her field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. (yes, I made this in October...)

She loved it. And not only did we not get in trouble, but her teacher and principal raved about how cute she was and paraded her around to every classroom to show the teachers. To say the least, Lucy felt pretty special.

As you can guess, Ella came home asking me to cut her shirt up that night.


BConky said...

You've always been a cheeky monkey. It's adorable.

Colleen said...

turned out cute!

Simple Simon & Co said...

It's awesome! You are a fun mom.

Amanda S. said...

Cute dress! My church has these shirts that we are *highly encouraged* to wear to church functions. But, I DO NOT wear t-shirts. They are not real clothes to me. So I bought the XL, cut it up, and made a cute fitted top. Still had the church logo and all, but wasn't the ugly unisex T that I hate.