Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day in a Trendy T!

So... neither of my girls wanted Valentine's outfits this year... and BELIEVE me, I tried to make them want one.
Lucy wanted to wear something of Ella's from last year and Ella wanted nothing with pink or red hearts. :(
Isn't that sad.

She did light up when I mentioned making her a trendy t. I bought this pattern on Black Friday and have had it traced off for a while now. I don't know what took me so long to make one! It's so fast and easy and I made my little 7 (going on 25) year old daughter so happy by making this shirt.

She was all giggles and smiles and hair flips and looking at herself in the mirror when she put it on!
I love sewing for her!

Of course, she had to wear it off the shoulder like this... and then say, "Oh mom... it's fine. It's fashion!"

Bouncing up and down and saying, "I love it so much. It's so stylish! I love being stylish, Mom! I love it so much!"

That's the response that makes sewing for your kids so much fun!

But that was nothing compared to when she saw this!

Yep, her baby doll, Bella, got a matching outfit with a trendy t (including in the girl's pattern), a black tank top made with my Too Cute Tank Top for dollies, and some jeans from American Girl.

Have you ever seen anyone so excited?

Seriously... look at her face.

And I'm really loving making all these baby doll clothes. It's so fun. They go together so fast and they use up scraps! Win. Win. Win.

You can get this pattern on sale today at and I'm having a sale in my shop for Valentines, too!
Just use code VDAY13 for 40% off patterns today! It's a great chance to snag my new Hi Low Ruffle Skirt pattern for a great price!

Happy Valentine's day everyone!


BConky said...

I'll just snag it for free since I birthed you. ha ha

Bimo Putra said...

I am Indonesian. My name is Bimo Putra Pratama. 100% I love your blog