Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi Low Ruffle skirt {for Dolly}

I just love all these matching doll clothes I'm making for the girls!
Ella especially loves when she can match her baby, while Lucy prefers to have FANCY doll dresses for hers.

This weekend I released my doll version of the Hi Low Ruffle Skirt to match the girl's pattern.

And Ella REALLY likes this one, because it's 'so fashion!"

I made Ella and dolly's skirt out of some cotton leopard fabric that Boo's picked out from Hancock Fabrics. For the tops, I used my Too Cute Bias Tank top pattern for Ella and my Too Cute Tank Top for dolly. I just switched out the FOE and used some bias tape in it's place.

I think they looks so good together, even though I've never been a huge fan of animal prints.
Ella really loves this outfit.

Baby Bella likes it, too. Isn't it cute on her?

Seriously... how excited is this girl?

Lucy looked pretty cute, too, so I had to get her in on the modeling action.
She's wearing Ella's Valentine shirt from last year. 
She also wore some little red and white striped leggings and looked oh so festive on Valentine's day.

I love these girls!


BConky said...

They are so adorable. Miss you all.

Diego Thomas said...

I would love one for my little girl!!!!!!

Diego Thomas said...

I would love one for my little girl!!!!!!