Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lil Blue Boo Twirl skirts for dolly and me

Told you I was in love with dolly and me outfits!
I made two more this week!

I purchased the lil blue boo Twirl skirt pattern and then hit the thrift shop!
Look at all these goodies I found!
Although for full disclosure, the Minnie Mouse and the Mario were on  the clearance rack at Wal-Mart... still. The Minnie was $2 and the Mario was $1! Score!

William confiscated the Baylor for himself and wanted the Rangers, but it was too big. I'm cutting into it.
The bras are to cut up for another swimsuit for me. I love the one I made myself!

The go Bananas, had to be for Lucy.
Here she is stunting with her baby. {Who's name switches back and forth between Kourtney and Aunt Sherri... we never know which name it's going to be.}

We've been singing Gwen Stefani and doing the Go Banana's cheer ever since I made this on Monday night.

I had to majorly piece this t-shirt to get the panels out of, because it was a 2 or 3T. I would suggest using larger t-shirts for this project.

Unless you find something adorable that you can't pass up, like this go bananas shirt... then, just take the time to piece it. Even with all that, this skirt took mere minutes to make.

It took longer to paint the design on her baby doll skirt than to make them both.

It's not great... I just used some puff paint, but Lucy loves it. She wanted them to be exactly the same.

Isn't she cute?!

It looks way better the way we styled it last night, with tank tops... but it's still freezing here and the girls insisted on wearing them to school today.

Ella had to have one, too, after she saw Lucy's, so I cut up the Red Wolves shirt for her last night.

Isn't it cute?! I centered the red wolf panel this time. And then sneaked into my husband's dresser and cut up one of his shirts to make the matching dolly skirt... shhhhhh......

Actually, it's not really a secret. I already told the Mr. He didn't care. He loves these skirts!

No one can see these two with their baby dolls and not love the matching dolly and me outfits.

Lucy was pretty bummed she couldn't take her baby to school today.
Ella already tried that... it's not allowed.

These skirts were drafted for 10-15 inch babies {so they're kind of short on the 18 inch dolls} but the Easter bunny is bringing Bitty Twins this year, so they will fit perfectly! :)

Go Bananas! Shown with my Too Cute Tank Top for dolly.

Go Red Wolves! Also shown with my Too Cute Tank Top for dolly pattern!

The waistband of this skirt is made with swimsuit fabric, which my girlies LOVE it's so soft and stretchy and comfortable!


jellaan said...

After reading the first part I went to hit a "like" button and there was no like button! Hehe!! Love the skirts!! I'm going to have to give these a try sometime for my little one....I'm sure she would love them too!!

kavettahulse said...

I have that skirt pattern. I may need to make one today!! Thanks for the inspiration.

BConky said...

The girls look so cute. It makes me miss them so much. Looking forward to Spring break already.

Tara said...

Those are so so cute! I have that pattern too, but haven't made the skirt yet. I might now after making your patterns. You have made me a more confident sewer. Thank you so much!

xoxo, Tara