Thursday, March 14, 2013

Have you jumped on the mustache train?

I'm not really into it, but MAN... Ella is on board.
If it has a mustache... she likes it.

So, when I made her these peanut butter and jelly pajamas and we were searching for embroidery files to match,...

 she immediately went for Jennilee's with the mustache on it.

I bought that tiny piece of 1/4 yard peanut butter and jelly flannel on one of my trips to Dallas. I wanted to buy several cuts of fabric and was short on dollars, so I just got very small pieces, but...
I was able to get the cuffs for Ella's pants and also a small cuff for the matching baby doll pants!

I used GGDesigns file for the embroidery on the baby doll shirt, which is made from using Jocole's Classic Tee Shirt pattern.

I didn't use a pattern for the pants... I just cut them to fit the baby doll with what little fabric scraps I had left!

And I can't even remember what pattern I used for Ella's pants... they'ree a little bit big, but good to grow into.

She has finally started growing out of the old nightgowns I made her and requested pants... :(

She's getting so grown up.
I'm going to milk this matching baby doll thing as long as I can!!!

oh... and speaking of mustaches.... here's a little onesie I made for a girlfriends baby for Valentine's day. I do think it's pretty, super, cute. The file is from Lynnie Pinnie!

I also made her baby mobile for her! It was new for me, but so fun to do.
I did everything in the embroidery machine, layering felt and sandwiching the ribbon inside the front and back layer. I love how it turned out, but it was VERY hard for me to photograph!

 This is the best one I could get.

and I didn't even get a picture of the top.
I took a wooden embroidery hoop and wrapped the ribbon around it.

She requested a fox:

an VW bus:

an owl:

and two different mustaches!

I was so excited that she got these great shots of it! She is a photographer... can you tell?

Sorry... that's so much stuff on one post...
I've got to try to get caught up here!

My back is hurting so bad today... I'm actually sitting here to blog instead of sewing.


Simple Simon & Co said...

That VW is AWESOME!!!!!!

Leslie said...

Nicole- where are you?! Hope you're ok. :)

Leslie said...
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Josie Durney said...

I miss posts from here :( Keen to see some more up when you have the time x

Mindy Rhae said...

LOVE that owl!! Where did you get it? Great job!