Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sum Sum Summertime....

Boy have we been enjoying the summertime.

We went on our first family vacation to Orange Beach with my Aunt and Uncle...

It was beautiful.

Finished up William's baseball season.
Isn't he the cutest pitcher you've ever seen?

Enrolled the kids in some summer programs. 

William went to a football camp up at the university...

Ella enrolled in a drama class at the Foundation of the Arts...
{this was the day of her 'fake' audition, which we weren't able to attend. She picked out her own outfit and accessories ha ha ha }

Little Lucy started gymnastics... and has proven to be quite the little gymnast. 
I secretly {or maybe not so secretly} love watching her. 
(I did make that leotard. I'll tell you about it soon!)

We also celebrated Christmas in June.... because I just couldn't wait for Christmas.... or Christmas in July. 
What can I say? I get excited. 

Coincidentally, I have, also, already done all the Christmas shopping for my siblings, parents, cousins and Aunt and Uncle. 
I have a problem.

Every single day, I think to myself, "I should blog today" just like how I think, "I should work out" or "I should clean the dust off the fan blades".... somehow it all gets pushed to the back burner.

Like all those other things.... I'm going to try to get better. 
I have been sewing and I have so many things to show you guys. 

I do love blogging and working out and cleaning...well... not the cleaning... so I'm going to strive to do it more. 

What have you guys been up to this summer?


BConky said...

That picture of all of you all in Orange Beach is awesome.

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, you MUST post about the WW leotard! My little girl is in gymnastics too and I haven't been terribly successful sewing her leotards. Too cute :)

Michelle said...

It is so good to see a post from you! I have really missed seeing all of your creations and your beautiful babies! Hugs,Michelle