Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to the Grind~ Superhero day

Well.... it's been about a month since I posted last and I've been in TX with my family that whole time.
There's always a ton of people to see and things to do while I'm there and this summer was no exception.

We celebrated the 4th of July with my in laws, had a trip to the ER, I went to the Applique Getaway in Frisco, sewed like crazy~ including a little Christmas in July with my Mom, celebrated William's 10th b-day at Medieval Times, spent a couple days at my Aunt and Uncle's new lake house, had lots of sleepovers with the cousins, took a trip to the American Girl doll store.... and lots of other fun stuff!

I've been home for a couple days now and trying to get back in the swing of things before school starts.
Ella needs an almost all new school wardrobe this year... so I've been busy, busy sewing for her.

But today.... I'm going to show you Lucy's little gymnastics outfit I made.

I actually made this back in April... and I made it for Ella.
They had super hero day at school and Ella requested wonder woman and Lucy requested Cat Woman.

I didn't want to just make a costume, so I made this little swimsuit/leotard, but it turned out too small for Ella. Oh... don't worry, she still wore it to school, but that was the last time.

I made her little crown, too!

She paired it with a black undershirt and leggings and some black boots, so it wouldn't be TOO inappropriate for school... although some still think it was. Oh well...

She loved it.
We even sponge rolled her hair~ which fell out in about two seconds and painted her nails red and had some red lipstick.

We get into dress up days around here. :)

So back to the sewing...
I used Jalie 2792 for it in a size 7. I runs VERY small. I had to even go back and trim the elastic away from the armholes because they were tight on Lulu, who wears about a size 4 width on most patterns.

I've used a bunch of Jalie patterns before and I usually find them to be smaller than most other patterns I use, especially in the arms. My Mom told me to make a larger size... I just didn't listen.

I have to tell you, though, this is probably one of the most popular things I've ever made. Lucy gets compliments wherever she goes in this. She LOVES it more than almost anything I've ever made. Aside from her tiger dress... I don't know if I'll ever top that one. And... yes. I made that in 2010... and yes.... she still wears it.

Lucy has a thing for cats.I think it might be genetic.

She wanted to be Cat Woman... even though I told her that wasn't a superhero.
We're into breaking the rules around here, too.

 For her Cat Woman costume, I made a black catsuit. So handy for costumes! I just winged the waist part and the hood, remembering a costume my Mom made me way back when... I was the Cat Woman. I loved that costume.

Lucy was so incredibly cute in this... she could barely hold still to get her picture made.

 She's turned into quite the little model lately. Always moving and posing, usually too quickly for me to get a good shot.

During the Wonder Woman photoshoot, she ranged from dancing

to laying on the ground,

to running and showing me how fast she is,

 and finally doing some push ups...

 then she got tired.

It takes a lot to tire her out, too.

These two are a crack up.
So.. that was Superhero day, from back in April.

Better late than never, right?


Made by Rox said...

Where did you get the fabric? I'm making a leotard for a friends daughter and this would be awesome on so many levels.

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BConky said...

Love them

Lee said...

That Wonder Woman costume is THE BOMB!

Leslie said...

Your costumes are fantastic! Anyone who worries too much about children in costume needs to get a life.

Leslie said...
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