Friday, August 2, 2013

Applique Getaway 2013

Soooooo.... let me tell you about the Applique Getaway!

It was only 5 miles from my Mom and Dad's house, so I was thrilled to get to go as one of Lyndsie's {Lynnie Pinnie's} guests. Aaaaaaand... in addition to attending, I also got to have a small booth and teach a couple of sewing classes. It was a new and exciting experience for me and SO fun! And to top it all off... I was able to share the experience with my Mom!

And did we start it off with a BANG!
We arrived at the Westin hotel in Frisco on Friday night to set up my booth and meet all the lovely ladies only to lock the keys in the van with the van running.... yep. That's us.

We figure my Mom's purse must have hit the lock or something... but we were stuck outside in the valet area for over an hour in the heat. Grrrrr..... The sweet bell hop tried and tried to jimmy the car open, but he just couldn't get it to work. 

Yes sir, that's a clothes hanger and Westin hotel knife sticking out of my van. Good times.

But we managed to get the car unlocked after shelling out $200 to a very shady locksmith and made our way to the conference area where we set up my very first Cole's Corner and Creations booth. eeeee!

It didn't turn out as professional as I envisioned in my head, but it was a learning experience. Now, I will have a better idea of what I need to prepare a booth. You should have seen some of the ones there... oh my. Beautiful! I should've taken more pictures. 

I was disappointed that my banner didn't come in on time for it. Apparently, there was some sort of train derailment or something that prevented it from being shipped on time, but I did receive it 2 days later and it looks awesome! I ordered it from Vista Print. 

How cute are my girls and nieces holding it?!

Despite my disappointment in my booth's appearance, I had so much fun talking to all the attendees, meeting all of Lyndsie's testers, and the awesome digitizers that were there. It was so cool to meet them in person!

I've been testing applique embroidery designs for Lyndsie for over 5 years now. We have been online friends for so long, it's impossible to think that this is the first time we have actually laid eyes on each other. It was so great to meet her and the other testers from our group.

With Janay from Stitched By Janay. The only thing that could have made this better is if I could have met her sweet kids that I've been watching grow for years and years.

Me, Kaycee, and Janay

With Shelia of Savvy Stitches Applique. We've also watched each other's kiddos grow up. I'm pretty sure we 'met' on sewforum years ago! What a sweetheart and a big thank you to her husband, who helped me set up my sewing class!

This is me with the amazing Jennilee from Digistitches! I've 'spoken' to Jennilee online many times and always thought she was the sweetest, funniest and most supportive lady. It was such an honor to meet her in person and her class was AMAZING!

 As were all the classes I attended. I learned a bunch of new things, saw some amazing new products, and generally just had a good time.

I also LOVED teaching my little sewing class, "Sew Basic". It was the first time for me teaching a 'real' sewing class and I thought it was awesome. I just love sewing so much and sharing that with others was a real treat. I hope I will have some more opportunists to do that in the future.

So... that was the Applique Getaway. I will show you tomorrow everything that I made for my booth!


BConky said...

It was so much fun.