Saturday, August 3, 2013

Applique Getaway Booth Samples~ Princess Cutie Style!

So... for my booth at the Applique Getaway, I decided to make up each of my patterns with applique~ showing how great the designs were for showing off your embroidery designs and since Lyndsie invited me, I used her Princess Cutie designs to make them be cohesive.

Plus... I just LOVE those Princess Cutie Designs!

I started with my Too Cute Ruched Shorts and Bias Tank top: Using the Sleeping Beauty Cutie princess applique and some beautiful Jennifer Paganelli fabric from my stash.

I love this outfit!

Then I made my Hi Low Ruffle Skirt and another Too Cute Bias Tank Top using the Ariel Princess Cutie Applique and some green fabrics from my little sister's stash! Thanks Megan!

 I thought Ariel was just perfect for this skirt and Ella loves this outfit sooooo much. She has always been a huge Ariel fan.

Then I made my Sassy Knit Peplum Tank Top using the Cinderella princess cutie as the inspiration. I love how this one turned out. I used a soft baby blue knit from and some white crushed panne from Mom's stash.

Ella loves this shirt, too, but she had modeled about 15 things this morning in the TX summer heat... hence the strained smiles. ha ha ha

 Next up... and the most fun to make {since I've been envisioning Princess themed All 4 One Stylish Swimsuits for a while} was this Snow White Princess inspired swimsuit.

 I actually made this for Lucy, but I used the gathered bodice and it looked RIDICULOUS on her, since she's so tiny. Ella is starting to mature a tiny bit, so it didn't look quite as silly on her, but I just wasn't thrilled with it. Every else thought I was crazy and that it was super cute... but every time I looked at this swimsuit, I just kept thinking that it looked like a 'sexy Snow White costume' for adults.

The ruffles and the gathered boobies were all wrong for the look I wanted, so at the last minute, I re-made it and I'm sooooo happy I did, because I just LOVE the second version so much more. It was MUCH MORE what I had in mind. I use the 4X4 Snow White applique this time and placed it on the larger band~ eliminating the red smaller band.

 That's what I was going for. Much more cutesy and little girl and much less adult themed Snow White.

I really wanted to make new doll clothes, as well, but I simply ran out of time... so I took some of the doll clothes I had already made and stuck some of the Princess Cutie Felties onto them. Bingo!

Princess Rapunzel for the All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit for dolly.

The Jasmin feltie for the Too Cute Bias Tank Top for Dolly with matching Too Cute Ruched Shorts for Dolly.

And the Pocohontas feltie for the Too Cute Bias Tank Top and Hi Low Ruffle skirt for Dolly.

Isn't this the coolest little 18 inch doll mannequin you've ever seen? My Mom bought it and I just had to use it for a photo shoot.

 So... that, in addition to some of my business cards that I ordered from Vista Print made up my little booth at the Applique Getaway.
Well... all that and the cute aprons I made for my Mom and me.
For those, I used McCall's Apron Pattern #6132 and some gorgeous Michael Miller 'Love to Sew' fabric from my Mom's stash. I was so glad she let me use it to make our aprons. I think she had it stashed away to make a quilt someday, but it made such cute coordinating aprons for us at the getaway.

The applique I used on the yoke is from etsy, but I would NOT recommend it. It was one of the worst appliques I've ever done.
Really, really bad.

 Overall, I was very happy with all the Princess Cutie stuff I made to showcase my patterns. It was a lot of work and all the girls in the family LOVED them... especially the swimsuits, which were my favorite, too.

I have some other princess inspired swimsuits in the works. :)

You can find all my patterns here in my Craftsy store and all the Princess Cutie appliques {and loads of other adorable designs} here on Lyndsie's site Lynnie Pinnie embroidery designs. 


BConky said...

Cute pictures.

Leslie said...

Hi, I think you are right. The second Snow white is much sweeter for a little girl. :)