Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gymnastics outfits~ sports bra and gym shorties

We put Lucy in gymnastics this summer with some money I stashed away from our tax refund.
She LOVES it so much and wants to go every single day... and wants to do cartwheels and handstands 24/7.

She's been wearing a combination of the Wonder Woman suit and some swimsuits to gymnastics, so I decided to make her some gym clothes this week.

She likes the Wonder Woman one so much, that I decided to make a Batgirl one next. Isn't it cute?! I just LOOOOVE it so much.

I would totally wear it....

For the sports bra, I used Jalie 2563. I've used this pattern a couple of times, for the girls and for me... which I did not post... but I love this pattern. The only thing I have to adjust is the amount of elastic needed underneath the chest. Both my girls and I need less elastic. I guess we have small rib cages... I don't know.

I appliqued the top using the same technique as I do with swimwear. It was really fast and easy with just this small 4X4 design.

The shorts are a prototype of a new pattern I'm working on for jazz shorts, booty shorts, bike shorts, whatever you want to call them. This pattern came about from necessity for us, but I think a lot of people can use them and I actually had someone ask me to make a pattern like this a few months ago.

Now just to grade them and write the pattern...

I really like the fit and Lucy says they're very comfortable.
I love this picture of the contrast band and topstitching, but I hate that my serger thread is hanging down, because I hadn't secured it yet. grrr...

But she loves both the top and the shorts... if only I could get her to slow down and pose for the camera.....

She is doing gymnastics all day long.

So, I just went ahead and made her two outfits in one day.

This one was her choice... sparkly, shiny pink fabric and matching shiny, sparkly pink leopard fabric with a cat. So Lucy.

I definitely prefer the Batman one to this one, but Lucy loves it and that's what matters.
These go together so fast and make such cute, comfy, gym clothes for her.
I see many more in the future.

They take such little fabric, as well. I made this one with mere scraps.

The applique is my favorite little cat from Sewing for Sarah. I have used this applique countless times and laughed so much when someone emailed me and asked where they could get this file the day I made this.

It's just so hard to find cute, simple, cat appliques that aren't Halloween or Christmas themed. I love that this one has two fabrics, as well, so that you can use a leopard or tiger stripe and still see the face on the cat.

So, those are Lulu's new gym outfits for now.

I want to make her some more traditional leotards, as well. I bought Laura's new swimsuit/leotard the other day and made one up for my niece. I'm going to make Lucy one next... maybe with sleeves. That would be cute. I'll show you my niece's tomorrow.

And for Mom... some pictures of Lu at the gym.


Amanda S. said...

These are so cute Cole! I loved gymnastics when I was her age and was an obsessive/compulsive cartwheeler.

Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

wow - 2 outfits in one day! go you!