Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My favorite dress from yesteryear

I can't believe my Mom found this!
We thought all the smocked dresses she made us were gone. She loaned them to someone at church, but, sadly, never had them returned. :(

But somehow this one was found in her closet and it fits Ella!

I wore this for the first day of school in the third grade. It was my FAVORITE dress my Mom made at that time.

I remember spinning around and sitting down and watching the skirt puff up around me.

I felt like a princess every time I wore it and I still get that same feeling when I see Ella in it.

She looked so beautiful for church on Sunday. :)

I still want to learn how to smock... maybe my Mom can give me a little lesson when she gets her this weekend! I'm so excited!

I love that lace edging on the collar, too.
So sweet.

Thanks Mom.


Goosegirl said...

Such a pretty smocked dress and perfect on Ella! You could definitely learn to smock Nicole. And you will love it!

Lee said...

Awww! She looks just as happy as you must have been! I'm with Sivje, you can learn to smock, and you already know you will love it!