Friday, August 23, 2013

Presents for my nieces!

I finally got Hailey's birthday present in the mail.... so late. I'm so terrible, but it looks like she might forgive me. I think she likes it and it fits!

But I couldn't just send something for Hailey, so I made a little something for all the girls, even though they thought the gifts were from my sister, Megan, instead of me. ha ha ha

I made Katelyn a little dress up dress, because I got this picture the other day from my sister in law.

I mean!!! Is there anything cuter than a tiny baby girl in a dress up dress? Liz told me that she wore it all day and cried when she had to change her diaper. This is the one I made for Alyssa's birthday, so it's pretty big on her, so I made her one that would fit and she wouldn't have to take off to change her diaper.

She is soooooo cute. Oh my gosh. I wish my brother would just give her to me.

I used Jalie 2674 for it and MAN! was it easy. So simple to put together. I love the shape of the skirt with the princess seaming.

And I think the little spaghetti straps are perfect for that TX heat.

And the back is my absolute favorite part. I love the seaming and the little longer, curved hem in the back.

The fabric I used is stretch velour on the top and some really sparkly pink satin on the bottom. I actually just bought a small piece to make a doll dress for the girls, but thought it looked so good for this dress, I used it. Don't tell Boo Boo.

And I'm so sad that I forgot to take pictures of this dress before I shipped it off. I hate when I do that.
It turned out so cute, too. I used an old pajama top for the Ariel panel and used the Rachel dress by Funktional threads to put it together. I am so in love with that pattern, it's ridiculous.

I also made her a little bow that she has clipped to her belly... see it there? It's so cute, too. It has one of those bottlecaps on it with Ariel's face.
This is for Alyssa's school wardrobe since she's starting pre-school this fall. What a cutie pie!

So... there you have it.
Some stuff I've been working on.


Mama Deborah said...

Very beautiful!

Emily Thompson said...

all SO cute!! Love all the girly things!

Anonymous said...

So cute