Monday, September 23, 2013

Lakeshore Halter Dresses X4

Well, the girls got ready for school this morning and when I saw them, I realized that I never blogged about these dresses.

It's a little bit past the season, I realize, but it just wouldn't do a service to anyone if I don't tell you how great this pattern is. I really, really like making these dresses and seeing the girls wear them.

I started with this one first, which is kinda funny, really, because it's my favorite.

Seeing as the the skirt is a circle, it takes a bit of fabric to make one, so I picked up this Project Runway knit from the clearance section at JoAnn's. I really loved it, but didn't really think the girls would. The little dots are flocked and it has a dressy, almost grown up appeal.

But I wanted to make it out of something inexpensive first, to test the fit and see if I liked it.
Holy Cow! We both loved it!

Ella loved the twirl and I loved the fit and the style. It's so classy, with this big bow on the back!

And it's so fast to make... the hardest part of the process was hemming the skirt, and really, that wasn't all that bad. I'm so proud of how this hem looks!

It's something only other seamstresses can appreciate.

I then made Ella another one with some gorgeous fabric from my Mom's stash.

I just thought the fabric was stunning, but didn't head the designers warnings to use a stable knit.... grr....
This one is a baby rib knit and really, not appropriate for this style.

You can see how the skirt pulls down on the sides and also in the back. The weight of the skirt is too heavy and the fabric pulls.

It doesn't bother Ella in the least bit, she still wears it all time (including today), but it kinda drives me crazy when I see it.

But the fabric is just so lovely and girly.

Then I tried it with an ITY fabric.

The same fabric, if you'll remember, that I made a dress for me out of, which is fun, because now we can match at church. :)

It's kind of a grown up fabric, but I just LOVE it on this dress with the little brown polka dot sash.

The ITY was a good choice of fabric. It drapes nicely, but does not pull and it holds it's shape. 

The sash is a little bit droopy and it stretches out a bit, but it still looks darling!

I started off sewing these dresses on my regular machine, because I was scared that the serger wouldn't hold, but on the last two, I did them entirely on the serger and they hold up fine.

And, the last one I made, the I love Lucy one for Lulu's first day of school. 

So, for the review, I would say that this is a great and timeless pattern. Comfortable to wear, easy to put together and also easy to alter to make it a perfect fit. 
I made Ella a size 5 with a 6 length and made Lucy a size 2 with a 6 length. But Lucy is able to wear Ella's, as well, and she does, quite often.

Head the designers fabric suggestions and choose a more stable knit and you'll be great!

Your daughters will love them!

I have no affiliation, just a happy customer!


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