Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Emma Daisy!

Well... actually her birthday was almost a month ago... but here is what I made her!

An Ariel swimming suit.

She had been asking me for this ever since she saw the Snow White ones I made for the Applique Retreat weekend. 

I've thought about making these up in the style of each princess and selling them for kids going to Disney World.... but it never gets done. Maybe one day.

I just love how it turned out, with the little green ruffles.

 And the Ariel princess cutie by Lynnie Pinnie, of course!

I used my All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit pattern for the suit, using the frilly view and just adding the extra peplum to the skirt.

I know that is my pattern, but I just LOVE it. I can put them together so fast now, after making so many.

I just think the fit is great and you can make the swimsuits look so much different.

Ella loves it. I was hoping I would get this reaction from Emma, too...

 I think I succeeded. :)

 Of course, that's her face over the matching doll outfit she asked me for.
To match her new Bitty Baby that we got from the American Girl Doll store.

 She didn't want a swimsuit for her doll, but specifically requested an Ariel dress, so I used this Modkid Mini Ava pattern that I've had for a while and never used. It is soooo cute, isn't it?!

 It was so fun to make the tiny tucks on the front (but I've since purchased a pintuck foot) and modify the pattern to look like Ariel.

 I love the girl's ooh's and aah's when I make a baby outfit.
I swear... they like it more than clothes for themselves....

Of course, baby had to have a headband, too.

 I used this awesome stretch trim that I picked up from Hancock Fabrics and a little mermaid feltie from Sweet Pea's Place.

Then, I found this awesome flannel fabric on sale and decided to make her some boxer shorts, too.

 I had enough to cut out two pair, so Ella got some, as well. They are a little big on Lulu... te he he. She's so tiny.

I added the little heart buttons to girly them up... and also, because I just recently cleaned up my buttons and realized that I have so many cute ones that I never use. It seems a shame.... I'm gonna start using buttons more.

The pattern I used was the Oh, Boy! Boxer shorts by Fishsticks designs.
I got it to make my nephew some boxers. He's two and doesn't like his undies!

The pattern was already printed off and taped together, so I just traced off the girl's size and made them some. I need to make some for W, too, but it's getting cold out, so I may just wait. I don't think he'll wear them as underwear. I don't know...

But... there you have it. Emma's birthday gifts!
They were so fun to make.

I was so thrilled that she liked them.

I'm not looking forward to the day when Aunt Cole's handmade gifts aren't exciting anymore....


Mama Deborah said...

Cute those Ariel clothes!

BConky said...

The boxers are all really cute. Love the swimsuit and doll dress too.

Grateful said...

These are absolutely adorable! I have been a lurker/fan of your blog for quite a time. Great job!

Leslie said...

Your clothes are so amazing they will ALWAYS want them. You are inspirational!

Leslie said...

Your clothes are so amazing they will ALWAYS want them. You are inspirational!