Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sewing for Sailors!

Both of my little sisters have etsy shops.
Both sell Disney inspired costumes, dress up clothes, and everyday play clothes for kids.
Megan does mostly girl versions in her shop: Made for Mermaids 
Judy does mostly boy versions in her shop: Sewn for Sailors

Both have been SWAMPED this Halloween season, so I took some of the load off of them and helped with their customers. It was fun, but CRAZY! I just shipped out my two last Halloween orders on Monday, so I'm ready to show you all the work I've been doing!

I only took pictures of some of the costumes I made, because a lot were duplicates... but here is my Sewing for Sailors work.

This is our friends' adorable little baby, Brody! I mean.... come on! Can you get any cuter than that! He was the PERFECT model for me, too. Just smiling and being adorable and happy!

As Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast):

As Prince Charming (from Cinderella):

And, my personal favorite, Snow White's prince:

I made several of each of those costumes... the bigger ones, I made Lucy model.
ha ha ha

As Prince Charming!

As Gaston:

Knit Gaston:

Snow White's Prince:

I just love these....

ha ha ha ... isn't she funny?

And finally, Prince James (from Sophia the first)... she had to wear lipstick for this one... and it was a size 2... whatever....

I made lots of jon jon's.....

a Prince Eric

And a couple of tiny Prince costumes that were very fun to make!!!

I just LOVE Halloween and dressing up, so it was really fun to make all these costumes... except the Prince James ones... I hated sewing on all those buttons!!!

Tomorrow, I'll show you my Made for Mermaids slew... there aren't quite as many as my sewn for Sailors ones, but they sure are cute!

I can't wait to see photos of the little princes in their get up. So far, I've only gotten one customer photo and he is such a cutie pie!


BConky said...

All of them are adorable. The baby is so darn cute. Lucy is so cute kissing the Snow White doll.

Lee said...

That Beast jon-jon just kills me!! Soooooo cute!