Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1st day of school clothes

they made it through and all had a good day.
I enjoyed my morning at the gym {it was the first time I've been back to work out alone since about.... March?}, but then in the afternoon I got lonely without the kids and went out to Hobby Lobby to wander.

It was fun and I picked up some bow making supplies that I was too lazy to look for. :/

 William was typical boy, not caring what he wore or whether it was ironed. sigh...
He looks really unhappy in this picture, but he was actually excited to start school and was worried about being late.

He has requested some new school clothes from me, but mostly winter ones.

Ella was pretty thrilled about her new school dress, which was completely her vision. She chose the fabrics, threads, embroidery designs, length... everything.

 I used the Scientific Seamstress Precious Dress as the starting off point for this design. Ella insisted that her dress 'have puffed sleeves'. One of my fans on facebook called her a 'modern day Anne Shirley' and that just about made her day. {I'm so glad Ella still loves to dress like a little girl!} I think she looks so sweet and adorable. I wish her collar wasn't flipped up in this photo... grrrr....

 I was unsure about her fabric choice, but I actually really like it. I got this fabric from JoAnn's ages ago and I bought a ton of it, because it was around $3 a yard.

We both loved the Hang to Dry school owls and she picked the chalkboard one for her apron.

I wish I would've made the apron just a tad shorter... Ella really wanted ric rac on the hem of the apron, but we couldn't find any in the stash to match. :(

I constructed the dress differently from the pattern instructions, used bigger seam allowances, since Ella is thin, and did a back zipper instead of the buttons. I just like zippers. :)

I wish she had some mary janes to wear instead of these clunky boots, but she likes them. {and says Anne wears boots with her dresses.... which I suppose is true.}

 I made her hairbow, too, and we were so lucky to find this little hair felt design for FREE! YAY! But I had to purchase a bunch, too, because I'd never seen this site and it has a TON of cute stuff.
{Man... is that the worst run on sentence ever? I'm not going back to re-read it, it will drive me insane.]

Lucy also sketched what she wanted for the first day, which was a knit maxi dress, so we went with the EYMM California dress. It's the first time I've made it and I really liked it. Lucy <3 it="" nbsp="" p="" s="">

It didn't photograph that well this morning... so here are some photos I took the night I finished it.
Which, coincidentally, aren't that good either. She loved it so much, she wouldn't stop moving around and dancing, so I only got a few shots.

Her sketch had two fabrics on it and this design didn't really lend itself to it, so we compromised and did the binding, back strap and a little sash out of her polka-dots that she had to have.

Super cute. Comfy. And just, totally, totally Lucy.
It's pretty funny that she picked this fabric and style, because it's almost identical to the dress I made for Ella's 1st day of 2nd grade.... ha ha ha

I asked them to take a picture of how they felt about going back to school.
Ella did a hooray first and then quickly did this and I didn't catch the first shot.

But... this is really how she felt:

So, those are the back to school clothes for this year.
We kinda have the whole week planned out... after that I will just let them dress themselves in whatever they want. :)