Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Bookish skirt and the beginning of the UFO madness

So, this summer we enrolled the girls in a free reading program at our local university. On the last day of the program, they had a little party planned.

The morning of the party, Ella begged me to finish up a skirt that I had been working on for ages.
Like.... I finished it up in August of 2012!!!!

I just had to look on facebook to find the post. 

You see, I have this box where all the unfinished projects get thrown.
Well... first they hang out on the sewing table for a while, and then when it's clear that I'm not gonna get to it anytime soon, it goes in the box.

It's such a sad, sad box, full of UFO's {unfinished objects}. What makes it worse is that most of them are complete, like.... real complete outfits that just need a hair accessory or a skirt that needs a matching shirt or something like that. Really sad. And dumb. Sometimes the kids grow out of the items before they even make it out of the box. :(

This one was in the box because I loved it so much, but I couldn't decide what to make out of it. Ella wasn't really into skirts at the time I made it, so I thought about making it into a pinafore or dress... never could decide, so it just sat there.

Well, Ella never forgot about it and asked me to 'pretty please' finish it that morning and I did.
15 minutes. That's it. It took 15 minutes to seam the back, finish the waistband, and finish the hem with bias tape.

I felt so proud and foolish at the same time. Why in the world had this skirt panel been sitting there for 2 years?

She loves it so much and was so proud to wear it to her reading party.

I had so much fun collecting the selvages, too!

I wish I would've made it out of a nicer cotton, This one was so wrinkly.... ugh.

I used the tutorial by Sewing with punks if you want to make one!
Just please, finish it up right away and don't let it sit for TWO years in a box!