Monday, August 25, 2014

More Back to School clothes!

Well... we made it through the first week.
I pretty much gave up caring about what they wore after the first day. It's just too exhausting to care...
unless they come out for breakfast inappropriate, wrinkled, or dirty, I let them wear it.

Lucy lost her other top tooth the night of the first day of school, so she had to wear her 'I lost my tooth' badge. Man! We are using that a lot right now.

Skirt made by me- Jocole's Yoga Skirt for girls (one of my favorite quick patterns!)

I didn't think it was possible for her to be any cuter... but I guess it is. :)

Ella wore some Ruched shorts from the summertime. Nothing fancy, nothing I took a picture of. ha ha ha
Oh... actually when I just linked those, I realized she's wore the blue ones from that photo shoot. :)

Wednesday Lucy wore her new Izzy and Ivy Beverly Belle that I made. It's so super cute with those green jeans. We made the top because she had nothing to wear with the jeans, then Wednesday morning she decided she didn't like them and wore blue jeans. She still looked adorable, but grrr......

This was a fun pattern to put together. I've never made anything like it, so it was really fun to see the fabrics take shape and come together. Cutting it out was NOT fun. Ella really wants one, but I think I have to recover from cutting and pinking all those edges first.

Lucy really wanted a big flower headband to go with her shirt, but we could not find one to match anywhere, so I made this little flower clip instead. She wasn't thrilled, but she was happy enough.

The twirling made her happy though... can you post pictures of the Beverly Belle without a million twirling pictures? I don't think so. :)

It's so pretty when it twirls.
That just makes me happy.

Ella wore her new Buried Treasure Tunic by {my baby sister} at Patterns for Pirates. I told her it was going to be 100 degrees, but she just had to wear it. Silly girl.

She did look adorable, if I do say so myself.
I made 4 of these the night I tested it for Judy. They go together so fast and are so fun to make. It will definitely be a staple in the girls wardrobe.
I added some ruching and buttons to the side seams of this one. So cute! I can't resist ruching.

Unfortunately, Ella has found her kissy face and wants to do this in every single picture she takes.
sigh...... 8 going on 17.

At least she is still into pink and dresses and hair bows. I guess I can't complain too much. Both of my nieces the girls age are totally out of pink and dresses and hair bows. :( I'm gonna die when Ella is out of that.

She still asks for a hair bow to match everything. For this one, we used GGDesigns Valentine elephant stitchie. It looks so cute!!!

Aaaannd Friday was picture day, so they each wore their favorite school outfit.

For Lucy it was her new Millie Rose Flutter dress. It's the first one I've made and it is REALLY cute, but it took FOREVER to make. Man... it has a lot of gathering.

{And I insist on doing ruffles by hand for garment sewing. I'm just too picky to do it any other way.}
But I really love how it turned out and I'm so proud of myself for cutting into that Marie fabric that my sister's picked up for me. I still haven't cut into the other two... but I will. Maybe.

 I fussy cut her favorite picture of Marie for the bib.

And made a little matching hair bow. Oooooooohhhh! So cute. Please don't EVER grow out of hair bows, girls.

And I did remember to get a couple shots of the backs. I love this one, because it shows those bias bound flutters. Love that.

And last, but not least, Ella's favorite school outfit for picture day, is her Katelyn Jumper by my little sister at Made for Mermaids. It is such a great pattern! I've only made 2 so far, but I have fabric selected for 3 more. I need to get on that. They go together so quickly and look so great for school. I can always tell when Ella gets compliments on her clothes because she comes home beaming. This one got a lot of attention!

She picked the corduroy out from Hancock's a few weeks before school started and we had the brown polka dots in my stash. I love how the little pink fox is peeking out of the bodice. I had to waste some fabric for that, but I think it's worth it.

Ella really loves the pockets on this dress.

I love the buttons, because I always buy buttons and then never have anything to put them on.
The buttons for this dress were so hard to match, though. Ugh... How can you have 5 million green buttons, but none the right shade. Yep. That's what we had.

And, of course, the bow! Oh... the bow!!! It might be my favorite ever. Those fox felt stitchies by GGDesigns are just too cute. Yes. I bought all her fox stuff. All of it. I had to.

This is a new type of bow, called a pinwheel I just learned to make. Did you know there are about 1,000 youtube videos on how to make bows? Who knew? Anyways... I was surfing the night one night and found one and learned how to make these. So fun!

So... that's the first week of school clothes for us!
Everything the girls wore was chosen by them without any say by me. Just what they liked.
I'm done documenting their wardrobes for now... even though they are pretty cute everyday.

Even though we're all just a little tired and grumpy from the new schedule.
I hope we're back to normal soon.
I'm working on a new pattern that I think you guys are going to love, but until the release I'm come back this week and tell you about all the ones released during my hiatus. :)


Snickerdoodle Stew said...

Love them all! And yes, it is impossible to NOT twirl in a Beverly Belle. We should have put a disclaimer on it. ;)

Cats and Calico said...

All cute. But none of your own patterns. DUH