Monday, August 18, 2014

To a new school year and a new Cole's Corner and Creations

Well, school is starting today... and
I'm actually quite sad about it this year, which is much different from last year.
I don't know if it's because the kids are older and {in many ways} easier, because the school year was prolonged due to inclement weather and the summer was shorter, or if I'm just not looking forward to giving up sleeping in and staying up late... but whatever it is, I'm just not ready for the school year to begin.

Never-the-less, it is starting and the kids are pretty excited {especially the girls, who were pretty demanding in their school wardrobe attire this year}. William was easy as pie as usual.

I will show y'all the school clothes tomorrow.
Today I want to tell you about how Cole's Corner and Creations has changed since I was blogging last.

First off, and most importantly: Cole's Corner and Creations Patterns are now a DYNAMIC DUO!
After months of begging, I've convinced my Mom to partner up with me! YAY! She's awesome.
{and I'm not just saying that because she's my Mom!}
Here she is! This is Beth. She is the brains behind the computer! She has taken over all of the drafting, grading, and digitizing of the patterns.

It's so wonderful, because those are all the parts that I really don't enjoy, which leaves me to design {which we actually both do}, teach and do the tutorial part of the pattern, sew samples and test patterns, photograph, run the testing process and market.

We are such a great team, because I trust her implicitly and we have REALLY similar aesthetics, styles, and ideas. Out of the three sisters, Mom and I have always been the most alike in that way.

We also push and encourage each other, which is wonderful.
With Mom's help, Cole's Corner and Creations created 10 new patterns since May!
The Buttercup dress {named after my favorite movie} and dolly dress,
The Katy Panda dress and dolly dress,
The Swag Dance Pants and dolly swag pants, 
The Bow-a-licous Swimsuit and dolly swimsuit,
and the Spirit Jacket and dolly spirit jacket. 

And before Mom helped me, I enlisted the help of both my sisters to release {the long awaited} baby ruched shorts and ruched shorts for tweens, teens, and women and the Too Cute Tank Dress and dolly dress.
All patterns that had been in the sketchbook for ages, but never got done because I hated the digitizing so much.

Because my digitizing looks something like:

I know. I'm so sorry. Even though I still think that it's an adorable pattern, I am so ashamed at how crappy the actual pattern looks. :( {blush}

Mom's digitizing looks like this:

SO much better!!! Everything lines up and matches perfectly, it's clearly labeled with all the important information printed on the pattern, there are different colored and dashed lines for each size and our new size range is 1/2-16!!!
That's incredible!

If you haven't tried any of our new patterns, you've just got to try them. We're really proud of them.

In addition, I've made it a goal to get back on the blog.
I had some unfortunate traffic that lead me to quit for a long while. You'll notice some new security changes around here. I'm sorry for any inconvience, but you won't be able to download any photos from the site or right click on anything. I've had to step up the security and open my eyes.

I'm not going to let those events keep me from doing what I love, though. I really enjoy sharing my creations here and being a part of the sewing/blogging community.

I hope to interact with my customers and readers more by hosting sew-a-longs, blog tours, linky parties, and give-a-ways. Of course, I'll have to ease into it. I have a back log of about 10 zillion things I've sewn that I'd love to show you guys. :)
I have really been busy, busy, busy.

But for now, I just wanted to say, "Hello" and "I'm back" and let you in on what I've been up to!


Diane said...

Yay!! I've really missed reading your blog and seeing your creations! I have a new (first!) baby granddaughter so I'll be trying out some of your patterns when she's just a tiny bit older. Welcome Back!!