Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Holy Leotards Batman!

This winter I was experimenting with adding sleeves to our Bow-a-licious Swimsuit pattern to make a leotard. Here are some of the mock ups. (I played with the image in picmonkey. te he he)

I, clearly, didn't get the sleeves right on Lucy's. The are a little big and baggy.

But I still LOOOOVE these leotards!
I love the fit of the back and the bum coverage on our Bow-a-licious swimsuit.

I just smile every single time the girls wear these to gym.

Especially when they wear them on the same day. :) 
Dynamic Duo!!!

I did better on Ella's, which was the second attempt at a sleeve.

We hope to add a leotard pattern to our shop with a variety of sleeve options, but we've given it a rest for now. 


Gail Keskic said...

Where did you get the pattern for the batman logo?

Sam smith said...

These look so cute my little 7 year old boy would love one for his gym class

Anonymous said...

I wide love one too wear for Halloween.

Anonymous said...
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Brandon Norris said...

Are you making either of these in an adult size for gymnastics yet? Bdndogs@aol .com

Elizabeth Kelemen said...

I realize this post is over a year old but are you considering doing the long sleeved leotard pattern?

heidilynn2003 said...

Do you make these for sale?

Dina Cramer said...

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