Thursday, May 7, 2015

Samantha Suspender Skirt for Ella

We love the Samantha Suspender Skirts from Made for Mermaids.
They sew up SO quickly and I just love the little girl look on Ella and Lucy.

This pattern is meant to be 'vintage' length, which equates to short and adorable... but my modest daughter made me add a band to the bottom. She is not a fan of short skirts... much to my dismay. :(

I got the wooden buttons from Hobby Lobby. Have you noticed what a nice selection of buttons they have now? It's so nice! I couldn't believe Ella liked these, but she did. She also, especially, likes the pockets on this skirt.

We paired Ella's Samantha Skirt with her Neverland shirt and I just love the way it looks. I'll have to make a Charlotte top for it now that the weather is warming up.

We had to take these photos indoors because it was storming, but it was much easier, thanks to a photography lighting kit Mom bought me. Thanks MOM!

The cats wanted to model, too. :)

I got the cherry fabric from Wal-Mart. It's in their new Waverly line, which is surprisingly nice for the price tag. I really love this print. I had just a small bit leftover, so I made this test up of a new dolly pattern we have coming out soon.

I get so happy when we have the perfect shoes for an outfit. :)

Although, I had to go buy the buttons for the front. I don't know how I can have about a zillion buttons and NEVER have the right amount or size or color for a project. Every time.