Thursday, May 7, 2015

Samantha Suspender Skirt for Lucy

Don't think I left Lulu out. :)
I actually made her Samantha skirt first. I found this inexpensive and adorable St. Patrick's day fabric at Wal-Mart and I just couldn't resist making her something for the holiday.

It turned out that she was supposed to dress like a farmer on St. Patrick's day... but she wore this anyways. I told her to tell everyone she was an Irish farmer. ;)

Lucy loves the pockets, too, and the shorter 'vintage' hem. YAY! I think it's so darling. :)
She just wore some little playground shorts underneath and this little sequined hat clippie we found in the Target dollar spot.

I love how easy it is to adjust this pattern. I had to make Lucy a 5 with an 8 length. Those adjustable straps make it so easy to size and fit. Super cute, too.

She only wore it twice, but for the price and ease, it was worth it!