Monday, January 25, 2016

Modern Undergarments Release Day!

We have 3 awesome patterns releasing today! 

I'm so excited about these releases. They are patterns I've wanted in our collection for a long time. 

The Modern Undergarments for Dolly pattern includes patterns for both 15 and 18 inch dolls for panties, sports bra, camisole, and little socks. squeee..... they're so cute. 

My girls were just always arguing over who got the dolly panties, because we only had a few pair. It's so fun to make these and they love them so much. The panties can be made from just a 7 inch square of fabric! What an awesome scrap buster.

The girls love these simple ones, but my favorite are these little 'character' undies. 

It's so easy to find fold over elastic now, too. I remember when I had to search online to find it, but now there are many affordable options at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby. 

I've also come up with a method of applying fold over elastic that is headache proof and it's included in our tutorial. I just can't resist picking up those pretty elastics to use for dolly clothes. 

Our socks can also be made with that pretty ruffly elastic that you can find at Hobby Lobby. 

I hope you'll check out our new pattern- it's such a steal at our release price of just $2. I think you'll use this one over and over! The camisole is a sweet little undershirt, but also works awesome as a tank top! 

And the sports bra..... be still my heart. The cheerleader in me just adores it. 

This pattern is great for the 18 and 15 inch dolls. Check out our testers awesome photos!

If you do make this pattern, please remember to show off your photos on our facebook pattern group, facebook fan page, or instagram with hashtag #modernundergarmentsfordolly and tag me at colescreationspatterns