Friday, March 25, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 3!

It is the last day of sewing!!! 
How have you enjoyed the sew-a-long so far? 
Leave a comment with something you learned or enjoyed from/about the sew-a-long in the comments!

Today I want you to get your waistband piece. Fold it an half and iron.

Now open it back up and put the short sides together and sew.

You will want to mark the waistband in quarters now. I used simple pins.

Align the raw edges of the waistband and pants and pin in quarters.

Sew the waistband on leaving a one inch ish space to thread your elastic through

Put the elastic through the waistband of the pants.

I always pin both ends of the elastic together once through so nothing gets twisted before I get the sewn... and then sew the ends together.

Now sew the space you left open closed and finish the edges of the waistband/pants seam.

ALL DONE!!! Time to try them on the kiddo!

We adore the comfort of these pants and the fit is spot on! I hope you all enjoyed this sew-a-long as much as I did!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 2

Today we are going to get the majority of the pants together. Now, I'm going to warn you I will stray a little bit from the pattern today... Show you another way to do things - and this will mean tomorrow you get to skip page 20 entirely. It is a little more work today, but I like the finish and tomorrow it means less work. You can of course follow the pattern completely though! 

Get a front and back pant piece and line up the smooth sides and sew with a stretch stitch and then finish edges. Do this for both pieces.  and then press those seams to the back. Learn to love your iron!

As you can see on the left I also topstitched those seams to the back after pressing using the stretch stitch... I just like the look and the finish it gives the pants.

Get out your wonder tape or regular glue stick and fold up the hem of each pant leg (as seen on the right)and tack into place.

Now sew along the hem with a stretch stitch. 

AND HERE is where I differ from the pattern, I make sure to leave 2 inches unsewn at each end of the hem. Keep ready and you'll see why!

Now place the two leg pieces together. line up the curve edges as those are what you will be sewing together. Use a stretch stitch and finish the edges.

Now turn your pants about and line up your newly sewn front and back crotch seams. I like to give a little tack stitch at this point so they stay lined up.  

Now you will sew from one side to the other - when you do be sure to unfold those 2inches of unsewn leg hem and sew to the end.

Now fold the leg hem pieces back into place

Turn pants right side out, and sew the final 4 inches of hem on both pant legs. 

All done the main pant sewing!

and look how tidy the leg hem is!

Next up - the waistband! (and if you didn't do my way with the leg hems you will be doing page 20)
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 1!

I have Jeanine helping me with the sew-a-long today! She's sewing the regular patch pockets, so if you chose one of the new add-ons, just follow along the add on tutorial until it's time to attach them to the backs.

Here's Jeanine!

Who is excited to start sewing??!!! These awesome skinnies go together fast and are such a great fit! By today you should have your fabric cut and ready to go! I'm using some jegging fabric that is great stretch in one direction and maybe 10% in the other, but it works fab for these pants!

What I did to make it easy for myself to know where to fold was I folded the pattern piece on the fold line

Then I placed my fabric over top of it - right side up. and just folded over and made sure the top edges were in line with the pattern piece! Isn't that easy! a little press and you don't even need to pin!

With the top folded down finish the edges all around (like shown on the right) and then turn the folded bit over and use a pencil end or paintbrush end to push the corners fully out. Then press the edges under all the way around as shown in the left picture. Now topstitch along the bottom of the folded over flap.

To get perfect placement on the pants  I lined up my back pant pattern piece on the pants and then folded the top over along the pocket placement line so I can easily align the pocket in place. 

Pin in place (like on the left pic) and sew around the 3 sides (as seen in the right pic)

Day one - complete! and it doesn't get any harder than this!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Pocket Options

You're going to love all the new pocket options I have for you today!

Changing the look of the pockets is really fun, easy, and makes your pants one of a kind. I, seriously, can not decide which ones I like the best. 

We've added a front hip pocket option and a few different options for the back patch pockets.
We've added all the pattern pieces and tutorials into the files section of our group and make sure to check out the Sew-a-long Event page and to add your photos in there to be eligible to win our everyday prize!

Front Hip Pockets

These Front Hip Pockets are SO, so cute. They really up the style factor of the Sabrina Skinny Pants. My daughters love them!

Bow Patch Pockets

I mean... how cute are those? You know I'm a sucker for a bow. :)
Love them!

Applique Detail Patch Pockets

These pockets are so fun and easy and the result is professional and polished. 

Embroidered Patch Pockets

These pockets are so fun. You can use machine embroidery or machine stitching to make your pockets one of a kind. 

So... now the hard part: decide which pockets you will add, if any, and go ahead and cut them out. Tomorrow we'll sew them up!

Don't forget to add a photo to the event page or on instagram to win prizes! Use #cccsabrinasal on instagram!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long

Hooray! Welcome to our sew-a-long!
We're going to be sewing our Sabrina Skinny Pants Pattern.

Just as a reminder, here is our schedule for the week:

So, if you haven't purchased your pattern, go do it! I have the girls pattern marked down to just $5 and the dolly pattern marked down to $2 for the sew-a-long. 

Today you're going to print your pattern, trace off the size you need and cut out your pants.
DON'T cut your pockets out yet. I am going to show you guys some new pocket options tomorrow. 

We'd love to see you make some dolly and me versions like these! 

I just love seeing my girls with their dolls. :)

We have some awesome prizes lined up for you, too. 
Each day of the sew-a-long there will be a one pattern give-a-way to a random person who posts in that day's album in our facebook group or to instagram with the #cccsabrinasal. :)

GIRL'S Pattern Give-a-ways!

The GRAND prize winner for the GIRL's pattern ( which will be chosen by the Cole's Corner and Creations team- made up of Cole, Mom, and sisters Megan of Made for Mermaids and Judy of Patterns for Pirates) will receive a 3 pattern pack from Cole's Corner and Creations, 1 pattern from Made for Mermaids, 1 pattern from Patterns for Pirates, and a $50 gift certificate to The Purple Seamstress!

The Most Popular winner (the winner with the most facebook 'likes' will receive 3 patterns of choice from Cole's Corner and Creations.

The RANDOM winner (chosen by will receive 3 patterns of choice from Cole's Corner and Creations. 

If you are sewing up the dolly version, you also have a chance to win some prizes!

DOLLY Pattern Give-a-ways

The GRAND prize winner for the DOLLY pattern (chosen by the Cole's Corner and Creations team- Cole, Mom, and sisters) will receive a 3 pattern dolly pack of patterns from Cole's Corner and Creations, 1 dolly pattern from Made for Mermaids, and a 2 yard bundle of fabric from Kimmie Anne Fabrics! 

The Most Popular winner (the winner with the most facebook 'likes' will receive 3 patterns of choice from Cole's Corner and Creations.

The RANDOM winner (chosen by will receive 3 patterns of choice from Cole's Corner and Creations.

If you sew up the kids version and the dolly version, you can enter both give-a-ways!

So, for today... here's a little video to help you assemble the pattern. Sorry, my videographer, Lucy, isn't the best and my sewing room is a wreck. :)

And a photo of the fully assembled pattern. 

Now, trace off your size, cut out your fabrics and meet us back here tomorrow, so I can show you all those pocket add-ons! 

Remember to add your progress photo to our facebook group or on instagram with #cccsabrinasal
Can't wait to see your fabric selections! 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sabrina Skinnies Sew-a-long!

Spring Break starts today!The perfect opportunity for a sew-a-long. I'll have the kids home to fit and model! YAY!

We're going to be sewing the Sabrina Skinny Pants. You can sew-a-long with the dolly or the girl version.  On sale for just $5 and $2 today through March 25th.

Our Sabrina Skinny Pants come in sizes 1/2-16, so they're perfect for your whole family of girls. 

Here is the fabric requirement chart, so you can go ahead and get your fabric. We recommend ponte, ponte de roma or jegging fabric for this pattern. You really need a fabric with about 35% stretch. 

Some of my favorite places to get these fabrics are The Purple Seamstress,, girl charlee, Fabric Mart, and locally at Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart and JoAnn's (if I had one local). 
***Remember you want stretchy ponte, not the 100% polyester ponte that we use for cheerleading uniforms!***

I'll be showing you a new method for constructing the waistband and also some new pocket variations this weekend to spice things up. 

Also, join our facebook group and our event page for more fun and to get entered into our contest and give-a-way. We have some great prizes lined up for our participants. 

Here is the schedule for the week- Don't worry! These pants are SO QUICK to sew up! Even if you have very limited sewing time, you can make some. 

Can't wait to sew-a-long with you guys!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hooded Towel folding tutorial!

I'm finally sharing the tutorial I shared during the Gracious Threads baby shower. I love making baby clothes, baby blankets, baby bibs, baby toys and I just LOVE babies!

My go to gift for baby showers is usually a baby blanket and a hooded towel. I have made so many of those sets for baby showers that I've gone to or as custom orders when I was sewing for profit.

These are a couple of my favorite sets! These puppy dog embroidery files are from Designs by Juju and the toy is an in the hoop project from Sewing for Sarah. (I just love those!).... but I'm sorry I just can't ever find anything on that site to link to...

 The applique on the towel is from Designs by Juju. I can't remember where the one on the blanket came from and the toy is from Pickle Pie Designs, but I don't see it on the site anymore.

 My hooded towel tutorial has been one of my most popular posts since I put it up there, but what I've really been begged for is a tutorial for how I fold my towels. :)

I never wanted to give my secret up before... honestly, because it took a lot of trail and error to figure out the best method.. and also, because I'm lazy and didn't want to take the photos and write it up.... but I don't even sell hooded towels anymore and I can't even count the number of times I've been asked to do a tutorial, so in honor of the baby shower tour... I'm letting the secret out! 

 First lay your towel down like this with the wrong side facing up.

Fold in the left side in thirds.

Fold the right side over the left side in thirds.

Fold the left side over again one third.

Fold the right side over the left side one third, so you have something like this.

Once more, fold the towel in thirds, but this time from the bottom.

Fold it again, another third.

Shove the towel into the hood. :) You're done.

Tie a ribbon around it, place your tag on it or a toy. It's done! It looks so cute and professional and ships easier like this, too!

All ready for the baby shower! I threw a couple of receiving blankets in, too! :)

The whale embroidery file is from Lynnie Pinnie. I have no idea where the anchor is from. :/

These towels are such a great addition to any baby gift!