Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 1!

I have Jeanine helping me with the sew-a-long today! She's sewing the regular patch pockets, so if you chose one of the new add-ons, just follow along the add on tutorial until it's time to attach them to the backs.

Here's Jeanine!

Who is excited to start sewing??!!! These awesome skinnies go together fast and are such a great fit! By today you should have your fabric cut and ready to go! I'm using some jegging fabric that is great stretch in one direction and maybe 10% in the other, but it works fab for these pants!

What I did to make it easy for myself to know where to fold was I folded the pattern piece on the fold line

Then I placed my fabric over top of it - right side up. and just folded over and made sure the top edges were in line with the pattern piece! Isn't that easy! a little press and you don't even need to pin!

With the top folded down finish the edges all around (like shown on the right) and then turn the folded bit over and use a pencil end or paintbrush end to push the corners fully out. Then press the edges under all the way around as shown in the left picture. Now topstitch along the bottom of the folded over flap.

To get perfect placement on the pants  I lined up my back pant pattern piece on the pants and then folded the top over along the pocket placement line so I can easily align the pocket in place. 

Pin in place (like on the left pic) and sew around the 3 sides (as seen in the right pic)

Day one - complete! and it doesn't get any harder than this!

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