Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 2

Today we are going to get the majority of the pants together. Now, I'm going to warn you I will stray a little bit from the pattern today... Show you another way to do things - and this will mean tomorrow you get to skip page 20 entirely. It is a little more work today, but I like the finish and tomorrow it means less work. You can of course follow the pattern completely though! 

Get a front and back pant piece and line up the smooth sides and sew with a stretch stitch and then finish edges. Do this for both pieces.  and then press those seams to the back. Learn to love your iron!

As you can see on the left I also topstitched those seams to the back after pressing using the stretch stitch... I just like the look and the finish it gives the pants.

Get out your wonder tape or regular glue stick and fold up the hem of each pant leg (as seen on the right)and tack into place.

Now sew along the hem with a stretch stitch. 

AND HERE is where I differ from the pattern, I make sure to leave 2 inches unsewn at each end of the hem. Keep ready and you'll see why!

Now place the two leg pieces together. line up the curve edges as those are what you will be sewing together. Use a stretch stitch and finish the edges.

Now turn your pants about and line up your newly sewn front and back crotch seams. I like to give a little tack stitch at this point so they stay lined up.  

Now you will sew from one side to the other - when you do be sure to unfold those 2inches of unsewn leg hem and sew to the end.

Now fold the leg hem pieces back into place

Turn pants right side out, and sew the final 4 inches of hem on both pant legs. 

All done the main pant sewing!

and look how tidy the leg hem is!

Next up - the waistband! (and if you didn't do my way with the leg hems you will be doing page 20)
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