Friday, March 25, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 3!

It is the last day of sewing!!! 
How have you enjoyed the sew-a-long so far? 
Leave a comment with something you learned or enjoyed from/about the sew-a-long in the comments!

Today I want you to get your waistband piece. Fold it an half and iron.

Now open it back up and put the short sides together and sew.

You will want to mark the waistband in quarters now. I used simple pins.

Align the raw edges of the waistband and pants and pin in quarters.

Sew the waistband on leaving a one inch ish space to thread your elastic through

Put the elastic through the waistband of the pants.

I always pin both ends of the elastic together once through so nothing gets twisted before I get the sewn... and then sew the ends together.

Now sew the space you left open closed and finish the edges of the waistband/pants seam.

ALL DONE!!! Time to try them on the kiddo!

We adore the comfort of these pants and the fit is spot on! I hope you all enjoyed this sew-a-long as much as I did!

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Heather said...

That iron is so cute. What a nice touch. I enjoyed this sew along thanks.

Kate Morey said...

Very nice! I like the fabric and style... Looks great!
Bets regards, Kate from handmade writings

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