Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Pocket Options

You're going to love all the new pocket options I have for you today!

Changing the look of the pockets is really fun, easy, and makes your pants one of a kind. I, seriously, can not decide which ones I like the best. 

We've added a front hip pocket option and a few different options for the back patch pockets.
We've added all the pattern pieces and tutorials into the files section of our group and make sure to check out the Sew-a-long Event page and to add your photos in there to be eligible to win our everyday prize!

Front Hip Pockets

These Front Hip Pockets are SO, so cute. They really up the style factor of the Sabrina Skinny Pants. My daughters love them!

Bow Patch Pockets

I mean... how cute are those? You know I'm a sucker for a bow. :)
Love them!

Applique Detail Patch Pockets

These pockets are so fun and easy and the result is professional and polished. 

Embroidered Patch Pockets

These pockets are so fun. You can use machine embroidery or machine stitching to make your pockets one of a kind. 

So... now the hard part: decide which pockets you will add, if any, and go ahead and cut them out. Tomorrow we'll sew them up!

Don't forget to add a photo to the event page or on instagram to win prizes! Use #cccsabrinasal on instagram!


Cats and Calico said...

I love the kitty pockets.

Lullaby said...
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Lullaby said...

Bow pockets are cool, but I don't like they are made from the same fabric. They 'hide' because of pattern. I think it would look even better, if the bows were done in slid color. And contrast color. Maybe blue, like flowers. By the way, did you heard about Kibin.com scam? Don't have a deal with them!