Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Made for Mermaids: Back to School Blog Tour

Back to school clothes sewing has been pretty easy this year. William doesn't want anything, but a couple new raglan shirts and the girls have been happy with mostly some store bought jean shorts and tank tops.

When looking through pattern options, they fell in love with the Kelli Kimono and we are so thrilled to be a part of the Made for Mermaids Back to School Blog Tour.

Sewing for pre-teens can be difficult sometimes, but it has been a joy to sew these Kelli Kimono's. Not only are they are breeze to sew, but they are so cute and practical. That is why we had to make 5 of them; 2 for Lucy and 3 for Ella.

We made this one first, as a wearable muslin. I love it so much, because the fabric came from my Granny's basement, as did the trim on the sleeve. I just love using stuff of Grannys!

This polka dot one is my favorite Kelli Kimono we made. I bought the fabric from Hancock Fabrics before they went out of business. It's so pretty and Ella loves the pom pom trim.

The first photo shoot we set up wasn't very successful, so Ella made this little set up herself.
What a cutie pie!

She loves her Aunt Megan so much.

And all of Megan's patterns. :)

For the third Kelli Kimono we made for Ella, I was unsure about the fabric at first. It was another Hancock Fabric buy and didn't seem like the best quality to me, but it turned out really cute and I love the sweet colors. We didn't have enough trim to put it around the bottom, but I'm still on the lookout for some more because Ella loves the pom poms...but without a Hancock's, we are pretty much without a fabric store. wahhhhhhh......

Lucy fell in love with this brushed poly chiffon from my Mom's stash. It drapes so nicely in this Kelli Kimono and feels soft- which is a must for Lulu.

The sass is strong with this one.

You can see here, she stole my origami cat necklace from Thread and Grain. Grrr....

Another thing I love about the Kelli Kimono, besides the ease of it, is that it can be made in woven and knit fabrics.... and since it has to be soft for Lulu, we made another kimono for her of an ITY fabric- also from Mom's stash.

So super cute!

They love these so much, they have even asked for more. They may just wear Kelli Kimono's every single day. lol

And to sweeten the deal, along with this awesome blog tour filled with inspiration, my little sister is also offering
*20% off all patterns in the shop with code: M4MBTS
* a give-a-way on her blog
* and fun FREE downloads for size charts and a back to school checklist!

So don't forget to go check all of that out and also, remember to check in on all the awesome bloggers sewing up school clothes for this blog tour!


Cassy Gobin said...

I don't know what I would do without a fabric store close by! Maybe you should just open one as there is a need. :) Your kimonos looks fun and seem to meet the older girl approval test, yay! I'm beginning to struggle with that and mine is still much younger.

Genie Smith said...

They are adorable! I really love layering pieces.