Monday, September 13, 2010

Sausage Pillowcase Quick Picture Tutorial

Okay... so a while ago on sewforum, these 'sausage' pillowcases were all the rage.
I have to admit, I love them. They are so easy. I just don't make many pillowcases, but when I do need to make one I find myself on YouTube searching for this video for the dimensions and quick instructions.

I'm so lazy and busy... I hate to watch the whole video, so here is a quick picture tutorial for those of you like me who want to see it quickly and get to your project.

This is NOT an original idea of mine. This sausage pillowcase, it's instructions, and dimensions came from the YouTube video by Judy Woodmansee.

Okay... gather fabrics.
For a standard pillowcase you will need 3 different fabrics.
Body- 45" X 23"
Accent- 45" X 2"
Cuff- 45" X 11"

If you want to make a travel sized pillowcase the dimensions are:'
Body- 27" X 13"
Accent- 27" X 2"
Cuff- 27" X 8"

You will also need pins (mine are snuggled into this adorable bunny pincushion) and a 1/4 inch foot comes in really handy.

Get fabrics in correct dimensions. I do this by tearing my fabrics. It's so easy, fast and it's sure to be on grain this way. Fold accent piece in half wrong sides together creating a 45" X 1" piece and iron the crease.

Lay your fabrics down like this: body right side up and accent piece matching raw edges.

Get your cuff piece (I appliqued and personalized my cuff... which took forever)

Place your cuff piece right side down on top of those, matching raw edges and being sure that you have the part you want showing face down (in this case, the appliqued edge)Pin that sandwich together

Then begin to roll up the body part horizontally.

Keep rolling it until it fits like a sausage under the cuff part.

Then wrap the cuff around it and pin the entire sandwich together.

See how it's in there:

Take that to the machine and sew in a 1/4 seam down the entire sandwich.
See my handy 1/4 foot. I love you 1/4 foot!

Now pull the body out.

Keep pulling until the whole thing is right side out.

Iron, iron, iron. Always press.
My Mom taught me that the key to good sewing is ironing.
Like my new pink iron? Cute, huh.

Once you have a good pressing- place WRONG sides together. You are going to do a french seam so that you don't have any exposed seams in the finished pillowcase. Cool.
Pin together.

Now go to the machine and do a 1/4 seam all down the case and thru to the bottom.

Use your rotary cutter or scissors to cut a scant edge off. Don't cut into your stitches.

Press seams, turn inside out (right sides together) and stitch again in a 1/4 seam all down the case and thru the bottom.

Turn right side out and press. Viola! No exposed seams! Beautiful pillowcase.
Easy peasy!

Now... enjoy your case or in my case, send it to someone special.

Thank you to Judy Woodmansee for these awesome directions and now, when you need a quick reference, just come here.


Ellie Inspired said...

Thanks so much for doing this! I've wanted to make these for a long time but I never wanted to take the time to watch the video. :)

Kim said...

The poor bunny!!!!
Cute pillow case. :)

Kris said...

So, so cute Nicole! What a great canvas for some fun embroidery designs!

Kimberlee said...

Love, Love, Love this tutorial.

I am hosting an Etsy shop link party on tuesdays, and would love to have you link up!

Ludwig said...

I just don't make many pillowcases, but when I do need to make one I find ...

Gretta Hewson said...

I’ve been making throw pillows in this manner for years, never thought about writing down posting! Great job!

Gretta Hewson
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Jo said...

Thank you so much for this! I had embroidered on the band and then for the life of me couldn't get it in my head how to lay it with the embroidery. The pictures made it so easy.