Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel... let down your hair...

I know.
It's been almost a week since I posted anything....
I've been having some computer issues again.

It's so upsetting and frustrating and maddening.

But I have something awesome to show you today. Finally. My Rapunzel dress from Simplicity pattern 2065.

I LOVE how this dress came out!

It was a little time consuming and had a lot of pattern pieces, but it was really pretty simple to put together.

This is probably the first time I have actually made a pattern in it's entirety from start to finish following the exact directions.

The only changes I made to the pattern were:
1. changing the metal eyelets out for machine sewn eyelets on the machine
2. changing the fabric from organza on the sleeve to satin
3. adding a bit of ribbon trim on the sleeve (because it says pretty as a princess) I had already spent about $40 on the dress, so what was another couple bucks... Lucy wanted it.
4. and using rolls of precut tulle instead of the wider by the bolt tulle.
I just moved the stitching line down so that the tulle was at the bottom of the slip.

There is a LOT of tulle in this dress, (three entire rolls to be exact) which makes it super puffy and princessy... but also makes it extremely difficult to sit in or buckle a car seat.
I used the ruffler on my serger to gather it all up. Easy and fun... and very sparkly. My entire sewing area was covered in pixie dust.

The funny... surprising thing to me about this dress is that... neither one of my girls are crazy over it.
It boggles me to no end. I thought they would adore it and was shocked that Lucy didn't want to wear it for Halloween. Since I made it weeks ago, they have only worn it a couple times.

I guess they care more about comfort than anything else.... who knew?

Not true of the hair piece, though. Lucy LOVES the yarn wig. It was pretty simple to make.
I just used my cutting mat to measure and cut the yarn into equal cuts.

It reminded me of making those little yarn pom pons we used to wear on our shoes in little league cheerleading. Man...I loved those.

Speaking of shoes... I decided to sew some of the same little Stitch and Stack flowers from the wig to her little ballet shoes. Cute.

The wig has ribbon weaved thru it and little flowers hand sewn to it. It's definitely her favorite part, but not Ella's. Ella refuses to wear it.

Kids are funny....

sweet... and so beautiful.
My little princess.


jellaan said...

So cute!! Looks like a lot of work!! Hope your computer issues are fixed.

Amanda S. said...

Oh.My.Gosh. COULD you be any more creative?!!! That hair! The dress is truly gorgeous as well. Bummer that they don't love it more. Is it really that scratchy?

katie said...

The dress is Beautiful! Awesome job. My daughter just saw it and told me she wants it! :)

BConky said...

I love it. The hair is awesome. Does Lucy at least play with the hair?

Simple Simon & Co said...

I love the dress and the Grace didn't want to be Raounzel either....I have to say though that I love, like really love her Sally costume. (I'm a huge fan of the Nightmare before Christmas.)

nest full of eggs said...

my favorite part of the dress are the sleeves ! they are super fabulous !!!

sherrychiang said...

wow!what a beautiful dress!