Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas ornaments

I've always loved handmade felt ornaments.
My Great Grandma used to make one for each grand kid every year for Christmas.
I always loved them, but I love them even more now that I know how much work she put into them and the fact that she made them for all 19 kids- probably more.

I meant to get a picture of them while I was at home.... but.... you know about how much I accomplished this Christmas. Maybe my Mom will snap a shop of them before she takes down the family tree....

Anyways. I got an order to make some ornaments this year and I knew I wanted them to be felt. So, I went and got some of that nice wool felt (for the first time EVER) and now I'm hooked! Wow. It comes in such pretty colors and it feels so GREAT.
I got mine from this etsy seller and was completely happy with it! I can't wait to get some more!

Instead of making my own patterns and cutting out each piece and hand stitching it down, I just merged some designs on my Embird software to make these ornaments.

The first one was made with a heart frame and these adorable penguins from ggdesigns.
The font I used in all of the ornaments is called hand lettered (I LOVE this font) but I really think I resized it too small for this project. Does anyone know of a REALLY small font to use for stuff like this?

This little guy was made with this dog from Planet Applique.

This one is made like the ring pillow I made Judy. I LOVE this one! I just love anything with these little owls on it.

I love this one, too, made with these little scotty dogs.

But then I bedazzled the neck of the girl one.... yes! Even cuter!

And finally, using this cool fireplace from Lynnie Pinnie, I made this one.

I really like how they came out.
I think I'm gonna have to make some more next year!


jellaan said...

I LOVE them!! Especially love the penguin and the owls in the tree one!!

BConky said...

Those are really cute. Love them.

Kalleen at Second Street said...

okay, those are not your typical homemade ornaments. I am so impressed. I'm sure they will be treasured for years to come. My favorite is the scotty dogs.

Elizabeth said...

Ditto what Kalleen said. What beautiful ornaments!

Louisa said...

What awesome ornaments! I particularly like the doggy one.

Tonya said...

I just love the owls in the tree...can you make something like that on a solid felt background to where it could be framed?? If so, how much? Those are my hubby and I's initials!

Mary said...

I love the owls in the tree! Cute!

Mary said...
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