Thursday, May 24, 2012

All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit (6-16)

I don't have as many of the 'big girl' suits made, but I really like how they all came out.

I decided I actually liked the fit of the 6/7 on Ella better than the 5 and passed a bunch of Ella's down to Lucy. Lucy lives in swimsuits in the summer time, anyways.

This heart fabric came from Wal-Mart ages ago. It was $1 a yard and I bought 2 yards- which makes a ton of swimsuits. Score! I made Lucy this one a couple summers ago with it. Sophie wears it now.

The 'big girl' sized pattern has two options on the bodice. A gathered, lined bodice like shown above (which I really, really like even though I was unsure about it) and a flat front like the (1-5) sizes.

Here is one with the flat front. I love it, too.

It gives you another totally different look, just by changing the smallest thing.
That's what I really love about this pattern.

I changed the skirt to a circle skirt after some trial and error with the a line skirt. I found that little girls in the older ages have much more booty and I couldn't get the a line right.

I borrowed a neighbor so that I could make another size.
She was so excited to get a new suit and model for me. What a cutie pie, huh?!

They loved modeling together, too.
You should have heard Ella giving her pointers, like she's an old pro... but I guess she kind of is.

I got the purple and pink palm trees fabric from spandex world for dirt cheap in the clearance section. I don't see it there anymore, though.

Here's another skirted version, with a ruffle this time.

I just realized that all these swimsuits have purple. That's weird. Purple is my least favorite color, but I still like all those suits...

but not as much as this one.
It's my FAVORITE!!!!

This is the retro view. How cute, right?
I got the cherries fabric from Girl Charlee and the red and white polka dot from spandex world.
Gasp.... swoon! I just love this one so much.
It was the last suit I made and I fully lined it, since it was white.

I will show you guys how to do that sometime in the future. I took all the pictures to do a tutorial while I did it. So, I just need to write it up.

Ella loves this one, too.
Even though she was pretty tired of modeling at the end of the month.

We had to play around a LOT to get some good shots.

We've been playing around on this morning, too.
It's fun.

Check out some of these fun effects they have and it's all FREE! I don't miss picnik like I thought I would.

HDR~ whatever that means...


Very old photo~ I like this one...

My favorite~ rainbow.

Ella's favorite....

Hey! Did you see that I was in the newsletter yesterday.
eeeee!!! It's time for a celebration!

I think I'll make some cookies or cupcakes... or both today.

I got a bunch of new swimsuit fabrics from The Fabric Fairy this week, too.
I think I'm gonna make this suit into a tankini for Boo's.

How could this child need more suits, you say?
Well, they're not all for her.
I outfitted the whole family and some friends. :)

Plus, who can have too many swimming suits? Not me. I've been wearing the same one since I got pregnant with William- yes. He's almost 9. Yes, it's a maternity suit. ha!

I guess I should learn how to draft patterns for women... somehow I don't think that'd be as fun.
But definitely neccessary.

Maybe I should buy myself a new suit for celebration?... trying on swimsuits? or cookies?....
Maybe I'll get a new suit in an even 10 years.
Maybe I'll be thinner and get a regular one, not a maternity one.
We can always hope.


Bloggerina said...

I love these swimsuit posts that you have been doing! There is so much color and detail, i especially like the full coverage booty area which is a problem i'm having with suits for my three year old. My favorite thing is that there isn't a rack of these same suits everywhere, making them unique and even more fun!

Lee said...

Cookies! I'd definitely go with the cookies!!

Betti Homemaker said...

Where did you get the pattern it is so cute!

Betti Homemaker said...

Where did you get the pattern it is so cute!

He wells said...
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He wells said...

These swimsuits and bikinis look so stylish on these girls, I love your work and would like mor info.