Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Princess Mulan

I just have to put the finishing touches on Lucy's Belle dress for tomorrow.
I'm SUPER excited about it! I'm trying to think of some place cool to do the photo shoot... but haven't come up with anything yet.

But today I've got Princess Mulan for you.
She was our princess last week and Lucy really enjoyed her dance class- especially when they got to do the fighting 'dancing' to this song. She loves the {huh huh} part!

I really should put this girl in karate instead of dance.
Remember this little video....
That still makes me laugh.

Anyhoo... back to Mulan.
So, I considered using the Kyoko pattern that I love so much, but to be honest- I just didn't want to put that much work into it. My girls don't really like the Mulan movie and they've never asked for a Mulan dress. I wasn't even sure if they'd wear it... so
I just wanted to go simple. Simple and quick.
And only using fabrics from the stash.

We looked thru all our books and watched the movie- twice- before Lucy came up with this inspiration photo.

I looked thru all my fabrics and had knits to match! Perfect.
I used the Sienna dress pattern as a rough base {but pretty much changed the whole thing} to come up with this version. It's pretty big on Lucy, but I've been making them all a little big... so they can fit Boo Boo, too, and so Lu can wear them longer.

Knit dress up dress = happy kid + happy Mom.
We both really love how it turned out.

Ella even wants to wear it to school. Score!

I think we did pretty good with the inspiration.

What do you think?


Amy said...

Looks fabulous - you've done such a great job recreating all of these princess dresses.

Janay said...

Amazing. You exhaust me. Do you ever sleep?!?!

BConky said...

I like this one. It looks like Mulan and comfortable and easy wash.

katie said...

This looks great! So amazing you got that from the sienna pattern!

Julie said...

I think it turned out great!! You did an awesome job on it!!

beth said...

It's perfect! Inspiration to get started on a Tinkerbell for Halloween.