Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cat in the Hat

Oh my gosh.... I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday...
I guess things might be kinda sporadic around here like that for a while.

So, last Friday was Dr. Suess day and William wanted to dress up as The Cat in the Hat.
Easy peasy!

Some black sports pants, a long sleeve black t-shirt, some fleece, a gross grain ribbon,  this awesome tutorial from Mama Lusco Handmade to make his hat, a bag from the dollar spot at Target and some eyeliner whiskers and we were done.

I just cut a piece of fleece to cover the words on his black t-shirt and make the belly and then just basted it on with the machine. Super easy and removable.
The bowtie is just tied quickly and tacked on~ also removable.

I lined the inside of his hat with some of the leftover Cat in the Hat fabrics from Ella's skirt.... which I haven't shown you because I forgot to take pictures of her. She caught the bus that morning and William was late.

Ella was mad that I didn't make her a hat, too, but I just ran out of time. I didn't actually make her a shirt, either, just a skirt. I was slacking a little bit....

but they had fun... who doesn't love Dr. Suess day?
Even Lucy had to get in on the action (although she had NOTHING Suess on... she does have the spirit)

And any excuse to have a cat face is a good one in her book and William's.

Man. I love these kids so much.
They are so fun and happy.


BConky said...

Those pics of Lucy are a crack up. William looks adorable as always. The hat is so cute.