Monday, April 2, 2012

Retro Pin up Swimsuit for Ella

Okay... so I was too tired to post about Ella's swimsuit yesterday.
The kids had me outside all day long watching them playing in the slip and slide...

But here it is:

I had to teach her what a salute was for this photo shoot. Isn't she cute!
I wish I had a suit to match her.

I wondered when I made this how the buttons would work on a little girls suit, but I haven't had any problems with them yet. She sometimes pulls on them... which drives me INSANE.. but it washes and wears well and they haven't come off or ripped the fabric. I did add a bit of tricot iron on stabilizer behind them~ maybe that helps.

I made these sewed these straps down more traditionally than Lucy's~ I did hers in a V.
I like options.

Now... I made this suit back in August (along with about 1000 other things I never blogged about either) You guys would really die if you saw all the things I really sew. :).. so it fit better in these than it does now. I really think it's too short in the body now.
These girls really need new suits!!!

I made this one last year, too, to make another option when I was thinking of drafting the pattern for sale (which I'm still debating on)

I like it, too, but not near as much as the first one. The skirt seems like the wrong proportion and the ruffles aren't right, but I DO love the fabric.
I cut up one of my favorite maternity skirts to make this suit!

We tie these straps like a halter! Just another fun option. Lucy really likes the halter ones.
She is wearing this suit this summer, because it's too small on Boos and Ella is devastated.
It's so hard to grow out of your favorite things.

It's harder though, to spend your entire morning making something only to try it on and have it be too small.
That's what happened to me today with this suit.

It's too small in the body (even though she wasn't as tall as it suggested AND I added length....ugh... these long skinny kids!!!)
DANG!!!! I love this suit for Lucy, too.
I hope I have enough fabric to remake it again... to fit.


Amy Bailes said...

While I like all three, the second is one my favorite! But truthfully, they're all too cute!

daniKate designs said...

You should definitely give drafting some patterns a try--you've sewn so much and make so many cute things, I'm sure you'd be great at that too :)

Kelly said...

I love the one with the skirt! Especially from behind. I am currently suffering major sewing jealousy right now. I can't image working with swim suit material! Jersey gives me enough pain... Maybe one day I will be able to sew myself a suit!

Nelissa said...

Please do the PDF patterns! These are too cute and sharing tips for sewing with this fabric would be devine. I would buy them. Just one person's opinion. (Please do it, please do it,...):D

Kate said...

Actually, you can have a suit to match her first one! check it out here
a bit pricey, but they have lots of swimsuits in that style so I am sure you could find a cheaper version :)